Life After Zombies: Thanksgiving

Excerpt from the Personal Journal of Jamie McCraren – Trumbull Valley Librarian.

Someone got ahold of a calendar the other day, and realized that it’s close to Thanksgiving. I laughed. What are we going to use for the feast? Pork n beans?  Have a little roast bloater with feral stuffing?

Ack, I gagged a little at the thought.

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Life After Zombies: Matt Simmons

Note from Jamie: Bloody and ripped note found in an abandoned house. Arthur Curran brought it to me day 52. Author is probably Matt Simmons. Poor kid.

I’m so afraid to make noise. I’m afraid they’ll hear the scratching of the pencil, but there’s no way I’m getting out of this.  I – I have things to say, so I’m going with it.

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Life After Zombies: Mike MacBain Interview

Below is the transcript of an interview between the Trumbull County Librarian Jamie McCraren and Lance Corporal Mike MacBain. The estimated timeframe of the recording is around day 40…


Hi, Jamie here. Can you introduce yourself for the listeners?

Mike: Yeah, um, I’m Lance Corporal Mike MacBain United States Marine Corp.

Hi Mike. Did you grow up here in Marshall?

Yeah, born and raised. You probably knew my mom, Molly MacBain? She was always here in the library checking out books.

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Who Will Survive With You?

Halloween is not quite two weeks away, and so our thoughts naturally turn to things that go bump in the night, and how we could survive if those things should happen to bite. Here at the Lab, we can’t talk about what we’re doing during the day, but it’s taking every bit of teamwork and inspiration we can muster. What do those two thoughts have to do with one another?

Will you send us a picture of _your_ team for Halloween, and show us what — and who — we’re working for?

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