The Lab


Undead Labs is a Seattle, Washington-based game development studio that’s on a mission to take gaming in bold new directions. Jeff Strain, an MMO industry veteran, formed the lab in 2009 with the goal of building a creative studio around the most talented developers in the industry. You can read all the details in the Undead Labs formation announcement.

Our talented developers set out first to create the definitive zombie-survival game for gamers. In 2011 the lab partnered with Microsoft Game Studios to publish State of Decay, an open world zombie survival game for PC and Xbox360. By 2015, State of Decay allowed over two million gamers to test their survivalist wits to the ultimate test and fight alongside friends to reclaim the world from the undead hordes.
We’re also tremendously excited about our newest game, Moonrise!

Moonrise is a multiplayer creature-collection RPG for mobile devices, conceived and developed here at the Lab. It’s a fun romp through a gorgeous 3D world of ancient ruins and magical creatures, with deep, real-time strategic combat, full character and creature customization, and real-time online play with your friends.

You can read more about Moonrise in the Moonrise announcement press release, and at the game website at It’s a game that embodies the same passion and spirit we poured into our first game, State of Decay.

Moonrise is of course very different from State of Decay in many ways. It’s bright and colorful, it’s fantastical, and multiplayer. But despite those notable differences, you’ll also find that it’s very much an Undead Labs game, with a focus on systems-driven content, sophisticated progression mechanics, and a few bold design choices — such as strategic real-time combat — we think will result in a fresh gameplay experience.

Undead Labs is an elite team of programmers, artists, designers, musicians, and producers. We are excited about bringing fresh new takes on gaming to the gaming community. If you are interested in joining us at the Lab check out the job postings on our Jobs Page. 

To learn more about Undead Labs or request you be added to our press contact list, please contact us at Please don’t send game ideas to this address, as our lawyers tell us we can’t respond to or even read them. The best way to get your desires and hopes in front of our developers is to post on the forums.