Scenes From Our Next Teaser Video

It has been a crazy, crazy month here at the Lab. We are very close to a major milestone: Delivering the first complete version of the game to Microsoft for evaluation. Please note that this means nothing in terms of a release date, though. (For a bit more information on that, check out this post on the forum.) Still, it means we’re making progress, and we are psyched!

In order to hit that milestone, we have had to pare back anything that isn’t the actual game. The video teaser we had hoped to share this week didn’t get finished. We’re a small team, and the person who makes the videos is…our producer. Hitting the milestone meant that video footage was something she pulled when nothing else was more important, and that just didn’t happen very often this month.*

While I can’t show you a finished video, Producer Jess did make the time to pull some stills for me to share with you. Click to see the big image.

*Also, she had two babies to deliver. One was the game, and the other was an actual baby. I cannot tell you how astounded and grateful I am that she pulled the stills when she did! IRONWOMAN!

You know how Pixar puts the names of all the babies born during the movie’s production into the credits? We’re up to three so far for the team. We’re excited, and proud of the whole Undead family.

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