Life After Zombies: Thanksgiving


Excerpt from the Personal Journal of Jamie McCraren – Trumbull Valley Librarian.

Someone got ahold of a calendar the other day, and realized that it’s close to Thanksgiving. I laughed. What are we going to use for the feast? Pork n beans?  Have a little roast bloater with feral stuffing?

Ack, I gagged a little at the thought.

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Patch for YOSE Now Live!


We have a patch for State of Decay: Year One Special Edition (both on XB1 and Steam), and it’s a thing of beauty. Full notes are in the forum link, but the highlights of Content Update 4 include:

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Life After Zombies: Matt Simmons


Note from Jamie: Bloody and ripped note found in an abandoned house. Arthur Curran brought it to me day 52. Author is probably Matt Simmons. Poor kid.

I’m so afraid to make noise. I’m afraid they’ll hear the scratching of the pencil, but there’s no way I’m getting out of this.  I – I have things to say, so I’m going with it.

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One of the first things I learned when I joined the Lab was how incredible the survivor community was. I have hardly ever met a group of people more generous with their time and talents. I’ve learned a lot about survival preparation from you! One of the many tidbits I picked up was how to build an emergency stockpile of food – dry goods, bottled water, dehydrated packs, and canned goods. But it’s not something we do once and forget. Every year or two, it’s important to refresh the stash, to use the old food and replace it with new.

As we head into the holiday season, I know many of you already have plans to help others by refreshing the canned food stash…by donating the older stuff. Other players have mentioned participating in various canned food drives.

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Life After Zombies: Mike MacBain Interview


Below is the transcript of an interview between the Trumbull County Librarian Jamie McCraren and Lance Corporal Mike MacBain. The estimated timeframe of the recording is around day 40…


Hi, Jamie here. Can you introduce yourself for the listeners?

Mike: Yeah, um, I’m Lance Corporal Mike MacBain United States Marine Corp.

Hi Mike. Did you grow up here in Marshall?

Yeah, born and raised. You probably knew my mom, Molly MacBain? She was always here in the library checking out books.

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