Life After Zombies: Date Night


Librarian’s Note:  Gabby Perkins, Vet Tech and Emergency Search and Rescue volunteer –

When I sent out the call for memories and experiences of this new world, I didn’t expect quite the outpouring that I received.  Gabby walked into the library shortly after my request and handed me a ragged and tattered sheet of paper. Her hand shook as she looked between me and the paper as if she weren’t quite ready to give it up. I asked her if she was sure. She dropped the sheet onto my desk, swiped away a stray tear and gave me a jerky nod. Then she turned and walked away without looking back.

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Early Warning

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Life After Zombies: Specs



1 Pair of black rimmed prescription glasses. Rectangular in shape. They’re Coke bottles, you won’t be able to miss them.

Reward: If I’ve got it and you want it, it’s yours. I need those glasses. I almost gave Mrs. McCarthy a hug yesterday.

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Stream Until You’re Zed – New Prize Divisions!


There are still nearly two weeks left in our Stream Until You’re Zed contest. However…um…well, our beloved streamer Wayne just notched a 24 hour continuous session. I can’t in good conscience encourage you to beat that. Y’all, we love and need all of our players, especially when the future of State of Decay finally arrives. We simply can’t make games or hope for success without each and every one of you, and I don’t want anyone getting sick trying to outdo Wayne.

Plus, I expect a lot of you who were thinking of entering are now going “I don’t have the time to beat THAT, so I’m not going to try.”

All that is just to explain why we are introducing ENTIRELY NEW categories for the contest. The grand prize is still for the longest continuous session with a single character of your choosing, and the fine print in our original post applies to that. The second longest video will still win a pick from the prize closet – shirts, hats, Pinny Arcade zombie pins, water bottles, stickers, even still some prototype swag from the new merch store. But now, there are six new contest categories to pick from, and those winners will also get their pick of the swag. Check out your opportunities to win:

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Life After Zombies: The Water Project


Librarian’s Note: A group scavenging around the Fairgrounds found the Lieutenant’s Journal.  Except for a couple of holdouts, the place is deserted, They say that the military ghost town is creepy, but there are still weapons and ammo to be had. If you’re feeling brave, maybe you can check it out. If you go, please keep an eye out for batteries. We’re starting to run low here at the Library.

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