Lab Culture

Our culture is defined by these core values:

  • We’re all adults here
  • We get shit done
  • We love games

We’re all adults here. You were hired to do a job; we expect you to do it. You were hired because you kick ass; we expect you to kick ass. You were hired because you can commit to a rational deadline and meet it; we’ll expect you to do that too. You’re not someone who needs a middle manager tracking your mouse clicks and keyboard presses—which is good, because we don’t have any middle managers. In return, you’ll enjoy tremendous flexibility in setting your schedule and defining the way you do your job in a manner that works for you.

We get shit done. We release games. We make daily progress toward clearly defined goals. We make decisions and take action, even when it’s painful. Idealism takes a back seat to pragmatism. Remember: The one thing that the greatest games ever made have in common is that they shipped.

We love games. Every single one of us, without exception. Our shared love of games gives us a common language and a culture of effortless collaboration. No amount of experience, talent, or brilliance is more important than loving games.