From the Lab: Merry and Bright

Man. What a ride we had in 2014! We went from our State of Decay announcement in January, to the XB1 announcement, to the limited release of Moonrise without stopping for air. Behind the scenes, we went from a tiny group working on one project to a full-sized team or three hard at work on great things both known and unannounced. And the thing that has made it all happen (and all worthwhile) was you. Each one of you made a real, measurable difference to us – and we hope our games in 2015 and beyond make a difference to you. Thank you for your feedback, your encouragement, your teasing, your private messages and public comments. All of it is the rocket fuel that launches us forward every day.

From all of us at the Lab to all of you, we hope for the most merry holiday season and the brightest future. And just to let you know we’re always going to be Undead, here is this year’s wallpaper:

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A Gift That Won’t Die. Or Stay Dead.

What a year. I mean…well, what I’m trying to say is…it’s just that…what a year. Thank you all for your support, your suggestions, your bug reports, and your enthusiasm for what the future might bring. In that spirit, we have some wallpaper!



Walking In a Winter Wonderland

Ready to kick the year off? Here’s that second wallpaper we promised you, with a bit of wintry weather to it. It may be cold here in the northern hemisphere, but it would be a lot colder without electricity, so we’re counting our blessings. Just remember, after the outbreak, you can’t run a noisy-ass generator without attracting every zed in the area, so establish those defensible perimeters. And no matter how cold you get, huddling in your shelters, look on the bright side. At least you can still feel the cold, unlike this guy:


Hang onto your cold weather hats, everyone…because 2013 is going to be awesome.