Developer Bio: Geoffrey Card

We can’t talk about what we’re doing, so we’re talking about the people doing the work. If you’ve ever been to a show where we were demoing our games, you’ve probably talked to Geoffrey, our Lead Designer for State of Decay. Check out the story of how he came to be here. — Sanya

Not Quite Screwing Everything Up: How I Became a Game Designer

by Geoffrey Card

Chapter One: Natural Disasters
My first foray into game design was when I was seven years old, and I realized that all it took to make a board game was a pen and paper and a die. I used to draw out weird little games that were a cross between Life and Candyland, and they were terrible. It only took one playtest to make it obvious that they weren’t any good, and I had no idea what to do to fix them. So I stopped, and played with Legos instead.

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Developer Bio: Andy Collins

We can’t talk about what we’re doing, so we’re talking about the people doing the work. Here’s Andy, Lead Writer, here to tell you how a gaming wordsmith makes his own luck. — Sanya

Earn Your Luck

by Andy Collins

Every now and then I have someone ask me how to get a job working on games. I always try to be helpful, giving advice such as “play lots of games” and “learn useful skills” (and if the curious person’s parents are listening, I might add “study hard in school”). But they always follow up by asking me how I got MY job working on games, and I have to add something really crucial to my list of advice, which is this:

Be really really lucky at opportune moments…and then prove that you deserved those opportunities all along.

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From the Lab: Merry and Bright

Man. What a ride we had in 2014! We went from our State of Decay announcement in January, to the XB1 announcement, to the limited release of Moonrise without stopping for air. Behind the scenes, we went from a tiny group working on one project to a full-sized team or three hard at work on great things both known and unannounced. And the thing that has made it all happen (and all worthwhile) was you. Each one of you made a real, measurable difference to us – and we hope our games in 2015 and beyond make a difference to you. Thank you for your feedback, your encouragement, your teasing, your private messages and public comments. All of it is the rocket fuel that launches us forward every day.

From all of us at the Lab to all of you, we hope for the most merry holiday season and the brightest future. And just to let you know we’re always going to be Undead, here is this year’s wallpaper:

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Will We See You At PAX Prime?

PAX Prime is a special show for us. It’s the show where we first revealed State of Decay, AND it’s our “home” convention. You can in fact walk from the convention center where PAX is happening to our office, even if you should probably change out of formal shoes and into sneakers before you try it. Oh, well, live and learn. The point is, we love PAX Prime, and our absolute favorite part of it is meeting as many of you as possible.

And we have some one day passes to give away to make that happen, if you can get yourself to Seattle, courtesy of the gang at  Microsoft. Here are our plans for next week:

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Are You a Superfan?

If you are Undead for life, we’d like to meet you. Without what we call our Superfans, we wouldn’t be where we are today. You don’t just like our links — you share them. You don’t just play our games — you tell people about them. You don’t just consume our games — you make them better with feedback and saves and constructive criticism. You don’t just hang out in our community — you’re the soul of it.

So, yeah. We want to shake your hand and thank you in person. Tragically, not everyone can get out to PAX Prime at the end of August, but we’re going to do what we can for two of you. How does plane fare, a hotel room, a PAX badge, and an invitation to our Thursday night media event (where we’ll unveil the latest news for State of Decay and go hands on with Moonrise) sound?

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