(Apologies if Zombie Santa sounds completely different in your head, but that’s what he sounds like in mine.) This year’s holiday wallpaper fits right in with our tradition of something disgusting to adorn your monitor at this festive time of year. We never seem to run out of zombie ideas around here, what can I tell you. Here it is!

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One of the first things I learned when I joined the Lab was how incredible the survivor community was. I have hardly ever met a group of people more generous with their time and talents. I’ve learned a lot about survival preparation from you! One of the many tidbits I picked up was how to build an emergency stockpile of food – dry goods, bottled water, dehydrated packs, and canned goods. But it’s not something we do once and forget. Every year or two, it’s important to refresh the stash, to use the old food and replace it with new.

As we head into the holiday season, I know many of you already have plans to help others by refreshing the canned food stash…by donating the older stuff. Other players have mentioned participating in various canned food drives.

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Who Will Survive With You?

Halloween is not quite two weeks away, and so our thoughts naturally turn to things that go bump in the night, and how we could survive if those things should happen to bite. Here at the Lab, we can’t talk about what we’re doing during the day, but it’s taking every bit of teamwork and inspiration we can muster. What do those two thoughts have to do with one another?

Will you send us a picture of _your_ team for Halloween, and show us what — and who — we’re working for?

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Two Years of Decay Contest Winners

2 Year Special Edition State of Decay T-shirts

We had an incredible response to the this contest. The pictures we received ranged from funny to clever to frightening, and everything in between. As a matter of fact, there were so many entries for the #2YearsSOD contest that it was really difficult to narrow it down to just the four.  However, after much deliberation, we were able to choose the  final winners!

Each of the winners will receive their choice of either an Xbox One or an Alienware Alpha Console, as well as our limited edition 2nd Year Anniversary T.

Please help us congratulate – Matthew Buell, Charlie Bussian, AnnieJo Eto-Guilford and  Philip Trujillo.

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Get your official permits here—it’s “Hunting Season” in State of Decay!

full sized hunting licenseAh, Trumbull Valley, where you can always find fresh Zeds on the pond, in the fields, and out back by the barn. You could say it gets downright infestational at times.

full sized parking passAs part of the new Hunting Season Xbox Live Monthly Challenge, players who kill 200 zombies with firearms before the end of the month will unlock an exclusive reward—the Burning Diplomat, a custom revolver that fires incendiary shotgun rounds! Yeah, THAT could come in handy during Hunting Season.

And before you set out, make sure all your licenses and such are in order. Undead Labs’ very own Master Gunsmith, Brant Fitzgerald, not only designed the Burning Diplomat but also a whole set of authentic Trumbull Valley hunting permits and licenses to make it official.

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