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Get your official permits here—it’s “Hunting Season” in State of Decay!

Ah, Trumbull Valley, where you can always find fresh Zeds on the pond, in the fields, and out back by the barn. You could say it gets downright infestational at times.

As part of the new Hunting Season Xbox Live Monthly Challenge, players who kill 200 zombies with firearms before the end of the month will unlock an exclusive reward—the Burning Diplomat, a custom revolver that fires incendiary shotgun rounds! Yeah, THAT could come in handy during Hunting Season.

And before you set out, make sure all your licenses and such are in order. Undead Labs’ very own Master Gunsmith, Brant Fitzgerald, not only designed the Burning Diplomat but also a whole set of authentic Trumbull Valley hunting permits and licenses to make it official.

Want to win a State of Decay hoodie?

Post a picture of yourself on our Comments Link, with your hunting permit, and a screenshot showing you beat the challenge.

Five lucky winners will be selected randomly.

Get your official permits  by clicking on the images.

full sized parking passfull sized picture licensefull sized hunting license

Now get out there and bag some Zeds. Don’t let the Wilkersons get all the glory.

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First YOSE Stream: Who Doesn’t Like Grenade Launchers?

We had a blast yesterday at the first Year One: Survival Edition live stream. I mean, it started with Brant and Geoffrey awkwardly cuddling and it only got more fun from there. Look, you had to be there. So, will we see you on April 14th? at 1 PM PDT/4 PM EDT/9 PM UT.

I’m just messing with you. You can also watch this week’s recording:

But if you don’t have an hour to spare, I live-tweeted all the juicy YOSE details at @undeadlabs. (Note: Most of this is already known to you if you follow us closely here on the site and out on social media.) Here’s what all I said on Twitter and in the stream chat channel:

We took four of our favorite heroes and wrote all new material for them. Sasquatch, Hawk, Kilo, and Vance are the four heroes migrating from Lifeline to the whole game.

What do you get if you’re a returning player who wants to upgrade to YOSE? Gurubani, the epic hero exclusive to returning friends of SOD. She has a suppressed WW2 scout rifle. While the rifle itself will need repair, just like every other weapon in the game, the built in suppressor will never need replacement. She was inspired by the lead designer of SOD’s experiences in India. Her weapons are just freaking cool, and her starting stats make her a top quality hero. You’ll find her in all parts of the game  (original, Breakdown, Lifeline) and you can start as her in Breakdown. We wanted to make Gurubani VERY special for the returning players – the people who made State of Decay a success.

Gurubani is for returning friends. The Prepper’s Pack is for first day (well, first few days, really) buyers, whether or not you’ve played before – there’s a new gun, a new SUV, and a handy folding axe with sharp edges for maximum mayhem.  The Prepper Pack SUV has a camo paint job, and the gun is an assault rifle with an underslung grenade launcher. No more switching between a rifle and a launcher, when you have both kinds of ammo!

We redid the animations, and added some badass new combat animations.

In the original, losing a weapon meant… shoving a zombie to death? In YOSE, you have an unbreakable knife always at hand.

Ammo refills, and snack making, are both going from Lifeline to the whole game. We also added Lifeline’s feature of manually repairing your weapon (instead of having to wait) to the whole game.

The draw distance is a lot further than it used to be.

We have a new mission type! Drops the best loot in the game, like a supply pinata. Assuming you can turn the beacon attached TO the supply beacon off before every zed in the game attacks you. But what’s the story deal with the new mission types? Well, it lets us tease things for the future of the franchise, storywise…

We spent…a lot…of time redoing the pathing. There’s still some goofy [stuff] but it’s WAY better than it used to be.

Yesterday we put out a new update on the 360 that added the menu option to move your save game to the cloud. Once you do that, and after you get YOSE, you can turn on the XB1 and get your save, and carry on. If you choose to move your save, by the way, the feature will move all your saves at once: Original, Breakdown, and Lifeline.

If you stay loyal to a format – Xbox360 to Xbox1, Steam to Steam – and you’re using your same account name, you automatically get 33% off of YOSE.

Retail preorders for the disk are already cooking along. Each store has a different pre-order bonus – a unique skin for the unbreakable knife. Everyone gets the knife, of course, but the visuals are cool.

We’ll have more information on digital preorders (and digital pre-loading, to max your fun factor on launch day) very soon.

We think YOSE plays like a whole new game – we wanted to make it worthwhile for you to come back to Trumbull Valley. We just brought everything up a level. Why? We had the most wonderful chance to make State of Decay look and feel like our internal daydreams vision, and we took it.

Everybody? We can’t thank you enough. State of Decay would never have happened without our community, let alone this shiny edition. And without you, there wouldn’t be a future for SOD at all.

We hope to see you all at the April 28 launch. But we’ll be streaming a few more times before then :) Look for us again next Tuesday, same bat time, same bat channel.

Want to queue up a question for next week? Ask it in our ongoing comment thread!

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Will You Be the Last Human Standing?

To celebrate the impending launch of Year One: Survival Edition, we are running a version of one of our favorite forum games: Last Human Standing. Do you have the good fortune necessary to survive the apocalypse and win copies of YOSE, swag, or even a new XB1 console*?

You and your fellow survivors start out with a weapon chosen from a list during sign up, and a hundred hit points. And then… the dice come out. We roll for damage or heals and post the updates in a forum thread. All you really have to do is be there, because we’re handling all the boring bits. There will be prizes for the survivors and the dead.

The apocalypse party kicks off on Monday, March 30, 2015 at noon PDT. After that, the sign up sheet will be closed to new survivors and the game begins. The game will run until there’s only one last human standing. So check out the rules, head to the sign up sheet, and join the best community around as we celebrate YOSE our way. (The official fine print is here, in case you’re curious.)

*I am completely bummed to have to say that legally we cannot ship the console outside the United States. However, we love our WHOLE community, and the game is open to everyone around the world. And of course, game codes have no borders 😉

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PAX East Is Going To Be Amazing

We’re putting the final touches on our plans for PAX East! Here is what you can expect if you are planning to go to the show this weekend:

State of Decay will be there in all its Year One Survival Edition glory. Check out the beautifully remastered game, with its new weapons, newly playable characters (helloooo, Sasquatch), new vehicles, and lovely redone mechanics. And more. We’re coming out on April 28 on XB1 and Steam.

If you already own State of Decay, and you buy it on the Xbox One/Steam with the same gamer tag/account you used to buy the original, you will get 33% off and an exclusive hero, Gurubani.

If you get the game the first week of launch, you’ll get a special Prepper Pack. The exclusives in there are a new folding axe weapon, a new modified SKS firearm…it has a grenade launcher, for crying out loud…and the Prepper SUV.

Please note that if you get the disk version, you won’t be able to get the thank you discount and Gurubani, because the retail systems are completely different. The disk doesn’t have those files. But the first print run will have the Prepper Pack, so as long as you grab a copy as soon as you see it on the shelf, you should be good to go.

I’m told you’ll be able to see the lead designer of SOD on the official show Twitch stream on Saturday at 2:30, so check it out.

Microsoft will also be hosting YOSE in the big Xbox booth, where they’ll be doing pre-order giveaways. Some of us will be in that booth making sure you enjoy yourselves, so be sure to ask your demo person what he does at the Lab!

And if you just want to come hang out with us at PAX? Awesome! We love meeting you guys, it’s a real honor and privilege for us. We’ll be doing our live action form-a-survivor-enclave game for players waiting in the line to play YOSE, there’s a sick new trailer to watch, and the special fan demo – no waiting in line required – is on Saturday. Check our forum post for the details.

– Moonrise. We’ve got some big news coming very soon, so come check the site tomorrow, but for right now I can tell you that we’ve made a ton of progress on our creature battler. We will be giving out the second Moonrise Pinny Arcade pin (of a series of three) to each person who does the demo.
Here it is fresh from the printer! Coming soon to a Moonrise tower near you.

Here it is fresh from the printer! Coming soon to a Moonrise tower near you.

Our PVP tournament will happen daily starting at three, and all you need to enter is a Moonrise pin. One winner each day will walk away with a brand new iPad Air 2. And it’s going to be super fun to watch, too. We’ll be shoutcasting the games so everyone will know what’s going on.

If you can’t make it to PAX, tune in to the tournament live stream on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 3:00 PM EST/noon PST:

There’s probably a ton more stuff I’m forgetting, but I’m just way excited right now. Come by, or send your friends, to Booth 3092!


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From the Lab: Merry and Bright

Man. What a ride we had in 2014! We went from our State of Decay announcement in January, to the XB1 announcement, to the limited release of Moonrise without stopping for air. Behind the scenes, we went from a tiny group working on one project to a full-sized team or three hard at work on great things both known and unannounced. And the thing that has made it all happen (and all worthwhile) was you. Each one of you made a real, measurable difference to us – and we hope our games in 2015 and beyond make a difference to you. Thank you for your feedback, your encouragement, your teasing, your private messages and public comments. All of it is the rocket fuel that launches us forward every day.

From all of us at the Lab to all of you, we hope for the most merry holiday season and the brightest future. And just to let you know we’re always going to be Undead, here is this year’s wallpaper:


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#2MMinutes Gets You an XB1

Our #2MMinutes campaign has so far resulted in just over 3500 minutes streamed in the first half of October, which, while not near our goal of two million, is still pretty damned amazing for a game that’s been out since June of 2013. But let’s see if we can kick this up a level. We’re only going to award the all-expenses trip to our studio if the insane goal is met…but we’re going to award TWO XB1 machines to lucky participants no matter what.

Here’s how:

The First XB1: We will mail this to one randomly chosen streamer. Each stream you post counts as one entry in the sweepstakes. All it takes is a little luck and one posted video, stream, or podcast.

The Second XB1: You’ll need to be a member of our Extra Life team ( for this one, and it’s very simple. Be the person to stream the most minutes for Extra Life, and you’ll get the XB1 with our gratitude, and the gratitude of the sick kids you’ll help.

Don’t forget to send me the links to your streams, everyone!

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Join Us For Our Own #2MMinutes Stream

We need to help the effort as well, so please join us tomorrow for a Twitch hosted by our friends at Xbox:

We’ll stream from 11 AM PDT/2 PM EDT/6 PM GMT until we get thrown out (or an hour passes, whichever comes first). On the video feed you’ll enjoy the comic stylings of Geoff, Brant, and DJ. (If you’re new to our streams, that would a designer, an artist, and a QA lead walking into a bar.) In the chat window, you can watch me have an aneurysm when they start oversharing.

There will be prizes! We’re planning to give away a hoodie and a bunch of DLC codes, and for every person who attends, I’ll add one minute to our total. Remember, it’s all about the powerups.

And speaking of powerups…I don’t know yet exactly what we’re going to be streaming. Better tune in and find out 😉

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This Ringtone Is Straight From the Commander In Chief

To celebrate our two million milestone, we wanted to give everyone something, and the logistics of giving everyone a pony were just too complicated. We thought ringtones might be nice. It turns out a number of you already have State of Decay ringtones. At least, those of you comfortable rooting around in the game files. For the rest of us, here are some of the favorites suggested by the community:

Better’n biscuits on Sunday morning!


Instructions for getting them onto your phone vary wildly, but we and some of our most trusted testers have managed to get these working on a wide variety of phones. Decide which one you like, click the link, right click the player that pops up, and you can “save audio as” whatever you want.

I personally used this tutorial to get “Niiiiice” onto my iPhone 4S. Microsoft offers these instructions for Windows phone owners. And this works for Android people.

Enjoy! And to find out how to retrieve any sound file and make it into a ringtone, feel free to ask our highly technical player community in the comment thread.

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Calling All Artists: Wallpaper Contest

If you know your way around an image editor, this contest is for you. The prize pack includes fame (or at least your image shared around the world), your choice of a shirt or a hat, and a mini-portfolio of original concept art signed by Undead artists.

You may use, modify, alter, and manipulate any image you find here on the website. You may use any screenshot you take yourself from the actual game. The only elements that must be included are the logo of the game, and something about two million. You can be as subtle or as blatant as you want.

Sizes: You do not have to create your image in each of these dimensions! I am listing them out for you so you can decide if you want to go desktop or phone, and figure out how your image looks in the sizes we’ll use to make the wallpaper available to your fellow players.

Full: 800×600 | 1024×768 | 1280×960 | 1280×1024 | 1600×1200
Wide: 1280×720 | 1280×800 | 1440×900 | 1680×1050 | 1920×1080 | 1920×1200
Phone: 320×480 | 480×360 | 480×640 | 480×800 | 640×480 | 640×960 | 640×1136 | 800×1280

Your entry must be posted to the contest thread on the forum (linked below via the green comment tape) by 11:59 PM your time on Thursday, October 16th. You must indicate if the image is intended for phones, or desktops. If you are chosen as a finalist, you’ll get an email at whatever address on Friday the 17th.

We will narrow the field, and post a poll on October 20. (Finalist images will be posted to Facebook as well, although voting will only occur on our forum.) There will be two winners – Community Choice, and Lab Choice. The poll closes and winners will be announced October 27.

Okay! Let’s see what you’ve got! We have SERIOUS talent around here – bring it on!

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The original State of Decay has now sold two million copies, not including any DLC. If you have a YouTube channel, a Twitch stream, or a podcast, we’d like to invite you to join our two million celebration and attempt to share two million minutes of State of Decay throughout October.

What happens if we hit that goal? For starters, one of you will win a trip to Seattle to meet the team, be the first person to play the Year One Survival Edition, and more. Other prizes will be announced during the month of October, but we thought you’d like to hear about that one right away.

Here’s how it will work:
Sign up with either this Google form –OR– join the Undead Labs team at Extra Life. More on that in a second. The important thing is that I have you on either of those two lists, so that you’ll be eligible for prizes. (Note that the trip to Seattle is only possible for residents of the USA, because of a bunch of horrible legal issues. We are proud to have such a global community, however, and as you all know, we’ve sent loot all over the world.)

Next, stream, podcast, upload video – whatever it is you most enjoy, in whatever language you prefer. It just has to be about State of Decay. Share the link on social media, with the hashtag #2MMinutes.

Email me the link (sanya at undeadlabs dot com), along with how many minutes you spent on State of Decay. I’ll add it to the database, share the link with the community, and add the minutes to your total.

Each time you stream, podcast, or upload a video, send me the link, because each thing will count as an entry into the contest. There is no limit to the number of contest entries you can have. If you post five videos and run two streams, you’ll have entered seven times.

If we hit two million minutes by 12:01 AM PDT November 1, the grand prize will be awarded to one randomly chosen participant. If not, well, plenty of other prizes will go out over the next four weeks.  We’re just saving the best stuff for when we hit the goal.

Bonus Minutes

Some of you may be familiar with Extra Life, a charity that raises money for sick kids by playing games. Their big event is the gaming marathon on October 25, where people try to play games for 24 hours straight. Of course, people can and do play/stream/’cast at other times. You can read more on their website.

The point here is that playing for Extra Life will earn bonus minutes and extra entries for the #2MMinute challenge – 1.5 times the minutes, and double the entries.  If you stream State of Decay for 30 minutes as a member of our Extra Life team, that session will count as two contest entries, and 45 minutes toward the total. If you participate in the marathon on October 25, you’ll earn DOUBLE minutes toward the challenge. Finally, for each dollar raised, we’ll add one minute to the total. Powerups, people, they’re how you win the game.

Extra Life team members who raise any amount at all will each get a DLC code to keep or give away as a prize.

Media List

We consider YouTubers and Twitchers and podcasters to be gaming media. You’re the bloggers of the modern era, and we owe a big part of the big milestone to you spreading the word. If you are part of #2MMinutes, and your channel is still active (updates 2-3x week, at least 25 subscribers) when the Year One Survival Edition launches this coming spring on PC and XB1, you will receive a review copy.


We’re going to need every possible day to hit the goal, so I wanted to get this up today. Stay tuned for the legal rules, other prizes, and more. And if streaming’s not your thing, fear not – we’ve got a ton of fun contests coming up. This month-long party is in your honor!