Catch a Lifeline at PAX East

On Friday, April 11, at the Boston Convention Center, we’d like to see as many State of Decay players as possible…because it’ll be the first time players besides us get their hands on an alpha build of Lifeline. We’ll also be announcing the release date.




The team at the show (which runs from the 11th through the 13th) consists of me, Jeff, Geoffrey, Chris, Brant, and Cale. For those of you new to Undead Labs (which includes Cale, actually), that translates as a ridiculous amount of fun.

I’m really sorry we had to bail on the live stream we were hoping to do before the show (and by the way, we’ve already rescheduled it for the end of the month). We’re still in the throes of bug testing, and we just ran out of time. We had to choose between making a build streamable, and making a build playable. We went with playable, because we always go with playable.

It’s not just an alpha build/first look at Lifeline. It’s not just the live action game we’ll be playing where survivors (of the demo) try to form survivor enclaves in order to win a copy of Lifeline. It’s not just the spectacle of our fearless leader and the DLC’s lead designer trying to outdo each other with entertaining presentations. It’s not even the morale patches we’ll be handing out. It’s the whole package. Please come and be a part of it at Booth 1039. Come down the right escalator, turn right at Twitch, and look for the sandbags.

See? Sandbags!

See? Sandbags!

* Do you write for a website? Podcast? Stream? Make cool YouTube videos? Email me – sanya at undeadlabs dot com – ASAP to get on our media schedule.

Click the green comment tape to leave questions for those of you who can make it, or to let me know to expect you!

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A Gift That Won’t Die. Or Stay Dead.

What a year. I mean…well, what I’m trying to say is…it’s just that…what a year. Thank you all for your support, your suggestions, your bug reports, and your enthusiasm for what the future might bring. In that spirit, we have some wallpaper!




Pardon the Dust, But…

The forum has returned! And there was much rejoicing! Oh, man, y’all, I can’t tell you how happy we are to be live again. We miss you when the forums are down.

Just a few notes before the party commences. One, you’ll note we’re on a new platform. We like the speed and technical support, and we think you will, too. Don’t get too attached to the visuals, though. We’ll be changing those over the next few days, time permitting. We just thought you would rather have the forum up as soon as we could put the “fun” in “functional,” instead of depriving you while we messed around with colors and icons.

Two, the less said about the last few days, the better. Someday, there will be a gathering of all of us State of Decay players, and I will tell stories of this week complete with what I’m told are very entertaining gestures. Until that day, let’s just focus on the good. But thank you, very much, for your reports, your encouraging words, and your support.

More stuff on the forum, if you click the comment button. Welcome home, everyone!


Other Social Channels

You may have notice our forums are down. They’ll be down until at least Monday. We’re just not a big team with tons of resources, and we depend on others for help with technical problems…people that aren’t always available on a Saturday during a holiday weekend :)

In the meantime! For news and information, please keep an eye on the only official social channels for Undead Labs and State of Decay:


Twitter: @undeadlabs

We always share our news with our community first!

Secret note to Steam people: We do lurk at the official Steam group for State of Decay and I post official news and announcements there whenever I have anything. We aren’t the moderators, however, and I am aware that their approach to threads about game mods/modding is different from ours. Just hang in there – we will be back as soon as we can.



Celebrate Halloween With a Twitch. And Costumes.

Our next live stream will be Thursday, October 31st, because you cannot make a zombie game and NOT stream on Halloween. It’s a rule. We’ll hand out a couple Breakdown codes…well, IOU’s for codes…to celebrate the arrival of the Great Pumpkin.

Please join us at at 11:00 AM PDT/2:00 PM EDT/7:00 PM London/20:00 CEST. Geoffrey will be there, ruling the channel with an iron fist, a cheerful smile, and possibly some high-pitched squealing when he gets overtaken by twelve bloaters and a feral.

Would you like to increase your odds of winning a code during the stream? Enter the costume contest, and follow the special directions for our Twitch friends. (Please note that pictures will be reposted to Facebook.)

See you Thursday!

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See You At Pax?

Will you be at PAX Prime in Seattle this weekend? If you are, and if you’re a fan of State of Decay, we want to shake your hand. Read on:

We aren’t spending money on a crazy multimedia booth, and we’re not in our publisher’s space either. We just wanted to meet with our players, so we’ve basically just reserved a table. We’ll have a single computer set up so you can see how the PC graphics are coming along. (The PC interface isn’t ready, so we’ll just have a controller there for anyone who wants to take it for a spin.) We’ll have a limited supply of our special hats, but tucked out of sight to save as many as possible for those of you who follow us most closely. You’ll need to ask. Also, if you’re a forum regular, or a regular on Facebook and Twitter, please identify yourself – you’ll get a gold star! And for everyone who walks by, we’ll have some pretty sweet temporary tattoos:

The skull eagle WOULD make an excellent tattoo, come to think of it...

The skull eagle WOULD make an excellent tattoo, come to think of it…

If you’re willing to wear it around the show, come back at the end of the day (or whenever you have to bail), show me the tattoo, and I’ll put your name into a hat. (Same goes for gold star players.) Twenty players from the pool will be invited to check out our Sandbox DLC when I hand out press copies. No, I still don’t know when that’ll be, and as of this writing, we have no plans to use PAX to announce any dates for either the DLC or the PC. But it’s not far now.

Honestly, we just want to shake your hand and thank you for playing. Please drop by and do us the honor! We are going to be in the north lobby. Come up, and go around behind the escalators. We’ll be there.

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Twitching With Jeff and Brant

Tomorrow’s live Twitch stream (hosted as always by our friends at XBLA: features good ol’ Brant, of course, and this week’s special victim guest is Jeff Strain. That’s right, instead of frantic mid-show text messages telling us what to say, our founder and executive producer will be there himself to answer your questions. Me, I’ll be in the chat stream as usual.

We’ll be there at 11:00 AM PDT/2:00 PM EDT/20:00 CEST. See you then, everyone :)

Gear Up!

We heard you!

Official State of Decay gear is now available in the Undead Labs Gear Store!

We’re offering logo t-shirts and hoodies — the very same designs worn by the developers — for sale at our cost to State of Decay fans around the world. We’ll take orders during the week, then send them off to the printer every Monday and ship them directly to you as soon as they come off the press.

We also have official State of Decay posters left from our PAX East run earlier this spring. Some of them are signed by the development team. We can’t sign them all, and it’s not cool to charge for something like that, so we’ve mixed the signed ones in with rest of the them. You might be one of the lucky ones!

All items are made in the USA.

If you get some gear, tweet pics of you showing your SoD pride to @undeadlabs!

Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.

Breaking Records

Wow. I mean, well… wow.

Many of you have been reading the great reviews. IGN, Polygon,, and more. Major Nelson did a podcast from the Lab (SoD stuff begins at 18:30). I’m seeing tons of YouTube stuff, like this one from TheRadBrad. Sites that were covering us when we were just an idea had nice things to say, such as Bloody Disgusting. I’ve got literally dozens more reviews and YouTubes to sort and post. But we wanted to pause this frantic activity for a moment to share with you this interesting fact:

We have sold more than a quarter million copies since we released the game two days ago. State of Decay has smashed all kinds of records. The only game that ever sold more on XBLA this fast was Minecraft…an already hugely popular game.

There just aren’t the words to describe the feeling.

This was you. We did not have an ad budget. We didn’t have a physical copy to load onto shelves, no worldwide multimedia push, no studio reputation with millions of followers. All we had was what we believed was a great game and a great community. And make no mistake, a solid game is not enough, not in 2013. Plenty of great games wither away in obscurity. This train got rolling because you got out and pushed.

We are not just riding on this train, however! We’re never going to stop pushing to make the best games we can. If you’re wondering what we’re working on to make this game even better, please check out Jeff’s Title Update post. We’re also not going to leave you behind, Germany. You’re joining the ride soon. (And we haven’t forgotten you, Australia/New Zealand. Cross your fingers.) We don’t know exactly what the future holds, but we hope you’ll be there with us.

I mean, the next record to break is the all time XBLA sales record. Six million, I think. Who’s with us?

The Last Day on Earth

This morning, I got in my old convertible, waved at my neighbor, and cruised down the street. The playground at the end of the street had the usual high-voiced kids climbing. The overgrown cemetery had butterflies dancing on the roses. The fire station down the block had all its bay doors open, and firefighters were cleaning the engines. At the traffic light, a boy on a bike pulled up beside me and asked the time just as we got the green. When I told him, he cussed like a dockworker and stood up on his pedals for more speed. He blasted by the farm stand, and the women who run it catcalled after him, because well, he’s usually late.

The farm stand, the fire station, the cemetery, the playground, the neighbor who is always weeding the front flowerbed…this is what I see every day. It looks the way my leather jacket feels. It fits. It’s familiar. It’s home.

This is the last normal day on earth before the zombie outbreak.

Will you show us your hometown on its last day? Read on for the details of our Last Day on Earth contest.

Almost two years ago, we asked our community to pin their hometowns on a map. The result was spectacular, and it proved that we’d picked a setting that many of you would find familiar! Now, we want to see your hometown.

Can you make a video or a slideshow? If the answer is yes, read on.

1. Fill out this form and get your home pinned on the map: (Hometown)

(Please note: The map updates every night. Your pin may not appear until tomorrow. It will, I promise.)

2. Email me at sanya at undeadlabs dot com, with the subject line “Last Day on Earth.” Tell me the name of your town.

3. I will send you a random track from our upcoming, extremely awesome, soundtrack album.

4. Use that track as the soundtrack to the documentary of your hometown, on the day before the zombie outbreak hits. What’s worth remembering? What would you miss? What are you just as glad to lose?

5. Upload the video to YouTube, title it “Last Day on Earth in XXX (State of Decay)” (replace XXX with your hometown’s name) and email me the link by Monday at 7 AM PDT/10 AM EDT/3 PM GMT/1600 CEST. EDIT TO ADD: THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. FURTHER VIDEOS ARE JUST FOR FUN AND NOT INCLUDED IN THE VOTING.

6. We will post the links on Monday. Up to fifty participants will get a free copy of the soundtrack. The ten videos with the most votes on Tuesday, June 4 by noon PDT will get a free copy of the game. Edit to add: Change of plans. Voting will be on the forum, not YouTube.

That’s it. Document the last day on earth, and you could be playing on the first day of State of Decay. Hit me in the forum with questions by clicking the green tape down and to the right!