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Will You Be the Last Human Standing?

To celebrate the impending launch of Year One: Survival Edition, we are running a version of one of our favorite forum games: Last Human Standing. Do you have the good fortune necessary to survive the apocalypse and win copies of YOSE, swag, or even a new XB1 console*?

You and your fellow survivors start out with a weapon chosen from a list during sign up, and a hundred hit points. And then… the dice come out. We roll for damage or heals and post the updates in a forum thread. All you really have to do is be there, because we’re handling all the boring bits. There will be prizes for the survivors and the dead.

The apocalypse party kicks off on Monday, March 30, 2015 at noon PDT. After that, the sign up sheet will be closed to new survivors and the game begins. The game will run until there’s only one last human standing. So check out the rules, head to the sign up sheet, and join the best community around as we celebrate YOSE our way. (The official fine print is here, in case you’re curious.)

*I am completely bummed to have to say that legally we cannot ship the console outside the United States. However, we love our WHOLE community, and the game is open to everyone around the world. And of course, game codes have no borders ;)

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The YOSE Debut Trailer

I have been unable to stop watching this thing since it was delivered. It’s all real gameplay footage, no animations or cut scenes or anything you couldn’t find in the game as a normal person. And the thing that makes it more awesome than any other trailer ever made? There is only one traditional media/reviewer quote. All the rest of the quotes come from you. That’s right, the brag quotes are from regular players who happened to be posting the day we were looking for quotes. We are so proud of State of Decay, and of YOSE. Thanks for helping to make it awesome.

Read more here:

See you on the XB1 – and Steam! – on April 28th.

(The celebration begins April 2.)

(Because I don’t do anything on April 1.)

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PAX East Roundup

It wasn’t even a week ago, and I’m not sure I believe it actually happened.

At one point on Thursday night, we had canceled our appearance at PAX East. Seriously. We’d made the call. Jeff was going to go demo in the Xbox pavilion, and I was going to sit alone in our giant booth explaining to everyone who showed up that our team had been unable to get out of Detroit, where they had been diverted following the closure of their actual layover airport.

Two things saved the show: One, or I should say one through six? Richard, Chris, Chris, Aaron, John, and Nick. Plus a half dozen more and equally intrepid volunteers who were willing, but I ultimately didn’t need. These people put on badges, some scrounged swag shirts, and demoed our games like it was no big deal. It was exactly like those rock and roll movies where the lead singer yells out, “Our guitarist broke his hand! Does anyone know the solo?” And the guy in the front row says “No problem,” and climbs on the stage and owns the hell out of it. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Two of our volunteers had more than a thousand hours of time, each, in State of Decay.

The other thing that saved PAXEast was the gang from the Lab. When Jeff told them to give up, go home, we can’t find a flight that would get anyone here in time, these lunatics beloved colleagues started talking about renting a Winnebago and driving to the next valley… I mean Boston. It was just an eleven hour drive through ice and snow for a bunch of people that think Seattle actually has a winter! But they managed to cobble together a redeye flight, a shuttle bus, some kind of detour involving New York City pizza at four in the morning that I don’t fully understand, naps on the airport floor, and camping the gate agent spawn in order to fly standby on multiple flights. The first of them arrived just as the show started, and took their places beside our volunteers. Throughout the day, more and more Lab people made it in, until finally it was all (official) developers sharing our games with our players.

This team, and this community, are collectively the best I’ve ever known. It was a PAX miracle.

And it was totally freaking worth it, because no matter how insane that all was, we were even more insanely excited about getting players hands-on with YOSE and Moonrise. We loved seeing people come through the State of Decay side of the booth and lighting up when they saw for themselves how smooth it was. We loved seeing the reactions to all the things we were putting in for the fans that got us where we are today. We were pumped to see people really getting into the Moonrise combat, and understanding what we were trying to do. This isn’t a full list of the media coverage, but if you weren’t able to attend, I wanted you to see a little of what our visitors and friends had to say:

Game Informer, on YOSE: “If you haven’t yet played the zombie apocalypse simulator, you’re in for some fun.”

Game Informer, on Moonrise: “It made a stellar first impression, and I want to play more.”

iDigitalTimes, on Moonrise: “The upcoming creature collecting game…could very well be one of the year’s biggest sleeper hits.”

MassivelyOverpowered, on Moonrise: “It’s solid, responsive, and designed to cater to many different strategies and team layouts.”

MMORPG, on YOSE: (VIDEO) “The much-anticipated Xbox One edition…with tons of upgrades and bells and whistles added.”

MMORPG, on Moonrise: (VIDEO) “We took the PC beta for a spin and came back with these thoughts on what we’ve played so far.”

Sprites and Dice, on Moonrise: “If you’ve been looking for a game that will make the monster battling genre evolve to the next level?  This is going to be it.”

Twinfinite, on YOSE: “With dozens of new weapons, vehicles, and content, State of Decay just got that much more re-playable.”


I know there’s more out there. There are fifty media kits floating around. If you wrote something up, let me know so I can include you.

Oh, one other small thing. We have changed the Moonrise twitter handle. If you are interested in our tactical creature battler, please follow at, not MoonriseMobile – we’re not just for mobile anymore!

Next up… getting ready to launch YOSE. Stay tuned.

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Friday At PAX East

Well, it’s like I said on the forum – I don’t hope we have the best community online, I know we have the best community online.

Jeff and I arrived today to do the show set up. The rest of Undead Labs team working the show…flew out today and is stuck in travel limbo due to the weather.

The good news is that they are now in the air, and we may be reunited!

The gang is all... in Detroit!

The gang is all… in Detroit!

The bad news is they won’t be here when the show starts tomorrow.

But the good news is that our community has stepped up and offered to help us kick some ass to make sure the show does, in fact, go on. We are so grateful to everyone who has offered their help, and we ask that if you come by and see us in 3092 tomorrow, to keep in mind that you’re meeting players just like you.

Thanks to everyone who wrote in with offers of help and encouragement, and thanks for all the kind words from you all living around the world. If I could teleport you from Australia and Europe and Brazil and South Africa, I would!


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Moonrise, News, Steam

Moonrise Coming To Steam

As promised last night, we have some big news for Moonrise.

We are bringing our beautiful creature battler and its unique PVP to Steam. We will be handing out beta keys to people who try it at PAX East this weekend, and we’ll move into Early Access after we assimilate the feedback we get from the beta.

Of course, Steam players will be sharing the world and doing battle with our players on mobile devices.

We believe we have something very original and special with Moonrise, and we’re excited to bring it to a much wider audience – PC and Macs to start. This is only the beginning.

Note to media friends: We’re in #3092 at PAX East this weekend if you’d like to come by!

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PAX East Is Going To Be Amazing

We’re putting the final touches on our plans for PAX East! Here is what you can expect if you are planning to go to the show this weekend:

State of Decay will be there in all its Year One Survival Edition glory. Check out the beautifully remastered game, with its new weapons, newly playable characters (helloooo, Sasquatch), new vehicles, and lovely redone mechanics. And more. We’re coming out on April 28 on XB1 and Steam.

If you already own State of Decay, and you buy it on the Xbox One/Steam with the same gamer tag/account you used to buy the original, you will get 33% off and an exclusive hero, Gurubani.

If you get the game the first week of launch, you’ll get a special Prepper Pack. The exclusives in there are a new folding axe weapon, a new modified SKS firearm…it has a grenade launcher, for crying out loud…and the Prepper SUV.

Please note that if you get the disk version, you won’t be able to get the thank you discount and Gurubani, because the retail systems are completely different. The disk doesn’t have those files. But the first print run will have the Prepper Pack, so as long as you grab a copy as soon as you see it on the shelf, you should be good to go.

I’m told you’ll be able to see the lead designer of SOD on the official show Twitch stream on Saturday at 2:30, so check it out.

Microsoft will also be hosting YOSE in the big Xbox booth, where they’ll be doing pre-order giveaways. Some of us will be in that booth making sure you enjoy yourselves, so be sure to ask your demo person what he does at the Lab!

And if you just want to come hang out with us at PAX? Awesome! We love meeting you guys, it’s a real honor and privilege for us. We’ll be doing our live action form-a-survivor-enclave game for players waiting in the line to play YOSE, there’s a sick new trailer to watch, and the special fan demo – no waiting in line required – is on Saturday. Check our forum post for the details.

- Moonrise. We’ve got some big news coming very soon, so come check the site tomorrow, but for right now I can tell you that we’ve made a ton of progress on our creature battler. We will be giving out the second Moonrise Pinny Arcade pin (of a series of three) to each person who does the demo.
Here it is fresh from the printer! Coming soon to a Moonrise tower near you.

Here it is fresh from the printer! Coming soon to a Moonrise tower near you.

Our PVP tournament will happen daily starting at three, and all you need to enter is a Moonrise pin. One winner each day will walk away with a brand new iPad Air 2. And it’s going to be super fun to watch, too. We’ll be shoutcasting the games so everyone will know what’s going on.

If you can’t make it to PAX, tune in to the tournament live stream on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 3:00 PM EST/noon PST:

There’s probably a ton more stuff I’m forgetting, but I’m just way excited right now. Come by, or send your friends, to Booth 3092!


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News, State of Decay

London Calling For YOSE

Our friends at Microsoft hosted a media event in London at the end of last week, and the press embargo was lifted this morning. I can’t wait to see what the attendees had to say, but in the meantime, here are the new details from the release that went out on the Xbox Wire:

If you grab Year One: Survival Edition on the first day we’re out, you’ll get the Prepper’s Pack, which includes:

– New super cool folding axe weapon

– New modified SKS firearm…it has a grenade launcher

– The Prepper SUV

We also clarified that the digital release (on XB1 and Steam) will be worldwide on April 28. In many places, the physical disk copy for XB1 will be on sale April 28 as well. (If you live in a region — mostly in the EU — whose retailers only puts new games on shelves on Fridays, you may to wait until May 1.)

And, just a reminder: If you already own the game and you feel inclined to upgrade, we want to thank you with a 33% discount and an exclusive hero named Gurubani Kaur. You have to upgrade with the account you used to buy the original, but the discount will then be automatic.

If you’re excited about what you’re reading, and you’ll be at PAX East, be sure to hit me for an appointment. sanya at undeadlabs dot com is the address!


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All the News From PAXSouth

We had a great time in San Antonio, thanks to all of you! We sure appreciate how patient everyone was with the lines. That’s the (only) downside to developers doing demos: We are really freaking proud of our games, and we all want to show you every detail. Keeping to ten minutes is the hardest thing about the show, hands down.

Media demos are longer, fortunately. The reporters get twenty minutes to explore, shoot footage, and ask questions so that everyone not at PAX can get all the juicy details. If you weren’t there to get your own hands-on time…or either of the epic collectible Pinny Arcade Pins…check out the following!

APGNation came by and recorded a nice long State of Decay interview with SOD Lead Designer Geoffrey Card.

Bitch Team Alpha declared Moonrise her top game for casual players: “After playing it once, I couldn’t stop talking about it.”

Capii Media wasn’t media. They were the guys who ran the photo booth where Moonrise players could “picture themselves in the game,” but in between green screen shenanigans, they shot this fun highlight reel. Includes shots from both SOD and Moonrise!

Our forum crew that attended got their own State of Decay media demo, and ThatChristmasKid brought a legal pad with pages of questions from our regular players. Don’t miss the resulting Q&A!

Gamespot gave us our favorite headline to date about Moonrise, and this awesome quote: “The mobile creature collecting-and-battling RPG takes some of the series more prominent elements and turns them on their heads, making for an enjoyable, refreshing take on the genre.”

One of the guys from Geek Avengers wrote up his experience on his personal blog, explaining why people should care about YOSE. “What I want to tell you about right now is what I think was the game of the show…I’m not a tech jargon expert, but it looked fantastic and plays beautifully. Zombie heads pop like melons in beautifully rendered HD. Running over the undead is just as satisfying as ever.” He also got a bit of the story from how the original game came to be.

As the site name would suggest, Hardcore Gamer was all about the PVP in Moonrise, with lots of detail about the fighting system. They also saw State of Decay, of course: “When games were trying to emulate the lightning-in-a-bottle co-op experience…Undead Labs released a solely single-player, story-driven experience devoted to depicting survival in a zombie wasteland.”

Before Massively disappears forever (BOO! HISS!), check out their double feature on both Moonrise and State of Decay: “It was a little jarring to go from adorable pet battles to being torn in half by a zombie, but the two-for-one session provided a nice glimpse of where Undead Labs has been and where it intends to go.” swung by, and they were pleasantly surprised by Moonrise: “It…could be ideal for someone looking for a little more depth in their mobile gaming than what’s generally available now.”

PixelDynamo gives us the tagline “Reanimated for a new generation” and gets into all the YOSE details.

Windows Central did a solid overview of State of Decay: “If you haven’t played the game, prepare for a fairly realistic depiction of human life after a zombie apocalypse.”


This list is really a work in progress. We had plenty of other interviews at the show, and I’ll update this list as I get the links.

So…who’s going to PAX East in a month? Contact me at sanya at undeadlabs dot com if you’ve got a website, YouTube channel, or Twitch stream.

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News, State of Decay

Year One Survival Edition: April 28 and May 1

If you were online yesterday, you may have seen a couple posts here and there, on a few little-known sites like IGN and Polygon and Kinda Funny. What’s up?

We announced the release date for the Year One Survival Edition. We’ll be coming to Xbox One, Steam, and retail outlets on April 28 in the USA and around the world on May 1. (That’s right, retail – YOSE is being released on disk. Woo! Tell your friends!) If you missed our announcement last summer, here’s what it is:

- The original game and both DLC packs remastered in 1080p. Lighting, textures, the works.
– New animations and overhauled combat mechanics.
– New weapons, new vehicles, new mission type.
– New playable characters (BRING IT ON, SASQUATCH).
– 30 minutes of new music from Jesper Kyd.
– The facility goodness from Lifeline is now available game-wide.
– Xbox One only: New achievements and game DVR.

What does this mean for you, our players that have already bought the game and thus made this awesomeness possible? You’ll be able to bring your save games with you from the 360 over to the One, for sure. If you buy it on One using the same LIVE profile you had on the 360, you’ll automatically get 33% off the cost of YOSE. (Steam players: We’re still working out the details of your discount, and hoping to give you the same deal. Our publisher, uh, knew some people at Xbox, so that arrangement got finalized in time for this announcement.) On both Steam and Xbox, we have an exclusive hero just for you guys who’ve already gotten on this train – the sword-wielding Gurubani Kaur.

Basically, it’s a gorgeous dream come true, y’all. Thank you for all your help. We hope to see everybody back for the party in April and May.

The first hands-on for our commmunity happens starting THIS FRIDAY at PAX South! We are going to be in Booth 1059, giving out Pinny Arcade pins for both State of Decay and our other baby, Moonrise. All you have to do to get the pin is play the game demo, no random crap required. We’ll have some merchandise to sell, a Moonrise tournament with an iPad Air 2 as a prize every day… and our friends at Microsoft sent me a crate of Snacks of Decay to give away when the line gets long and people get hungry.

There are still one day passes available for Friday and Sunday, so if you can make it, we’d love to shake your hands and thank you for being part of the Undead family. If you can’t make it… come celebrate with us in the forum!

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Fans, News, Studio, Wallpapers

From the Lab: Merry and Bright

Man. What a ride we had in 2014! We went from our State of Decay announcement in January, to the XB1 announcement, to the limited release of Moonrise without stopping for air. Behind the scenes, we went from a tiny group working on one project to a full-sized team or three hard at work on great things both known and unannounced. And the thing that has made it all happen (and all worthwhile) was you. Each one of you made a real, measurable difference to us – and we hope our games in 2015 and beyond make a difference to you. Thank you for your feedback, your encouragement, your teasing, your private messages and public comments. All of it is the rocket fuel that launches us forward every day.

From all of us at the Lab to all of you, we hope for the most merry holiday season and the brightest future. And just to let you know we’re always going to be Undead, here is this year’s wallpaper: