Moonrise Coming To Early Access on May 27

Our regulars already knew the basics, of course — we’re community-first when it comes to news — but we’re finally ready to commit to a date!

We will put Moonrise up for Steam’s Early Access on May 27. There will be two possible bundles for sale, both with four-star creatures, gems, gold, and exclusive creature skins along with the code for, well, early access to the game. Check out that link in the first sentence for all the details.

Before the sale starts, we’ll be giving away plenty of keys for those of you who want to sneak in under the wire. (A little bird told me to keep an eye on later today, with other partners still to come.) And if you like the game enough to support it, the bundles will be in the game’s store for you to grab at any time.

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Rewarding Challenges

by Geoffrey Card

Xbox Live has a new feature this generation that not everybody knows about — Xbox Live Challenges. These are special Achievements that require players to accomplish specific objectives within a certain time period, like “Clear 15 Infestations during the month of May”.

There is no Gamerscore associated with Xbox Live Challenges, but to make up for that, game developers can actually use them to trigger in-game rewards on completion.

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Happy YOSE Launch Day!

My one regret today is that I only have two thumbs. So many texts, tweets, posts, and emails! You all are the best, most supportive community we’ve ever seen. We are trying hard to keep our heads down and working, but it’s hard when you all are posting such great videos and screenshots.

But we need to focus! We have a stream at 1 PM PDT/4 PM EDT/9 PM UT at, and we’re not allowed to come out and play until we finish our chores. (The stream is archived, but join us again next Tuesday!)

Speaking of chores, we are hard at work on the first YOSE patch. If you feel inclined, we are tremendously appreciative of everyone leaving suggestions and bug reports on the forum. You returning players know that the QA team and the designers lurk so they can apply your feedback.

Many of you have been playing, but plenty more of you were waiting to see reviews. Here’s a sample (not even a complete list, either!):

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