Scoring The Apocalypse

Film soundtracks are amazing things. One of the things I like to do when I’m thinking about the musical choices a film makes is to swap out a piece of music from a completely different movie — or even some of my own music — over a key scene, just to see how it changes the feel of the moment.

I love the idea that a piece of music can support, enhance, skew or even subvert the emotions on display.

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Bits And Pieces

I started my audio career when I was 10. Well, sort of. My father owns an AV repair shop in San Francisco where he fixes all sorts of electronic goodies, from CD players to tube amplifiers and turntables. As a kid, my job was to take pieces that weren’t worth fixing, open them up, and with a 600-degree soldering iron, strip out anything of value. I guess you could call me an audio scavenger, but I loved it. My time at the shop taught me how to be comfortable with the internals of audio gear—motherboards, ICs, and transformers—and that being electrocuted sucks.

I was a sponge for knowledge, even if it hurt.

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