Yes. Big News Day.

If you didn’t already see the news out of Microsoft headquarters, we’re having an exciting day. (The banner might have given it away.) You can follow the link there for the official version, or you can hit the highlights right here:

– Yes, you guys took us over the half million mark. Actually, that milestone is SO last Friday, Jeff says. Now we’re over the 550,000 mark. We still don’t know what to say besides thank you for your encouragement and support. We didn’t know what to expect, so your continuing enthusiasm is humbling.

– Yes, it’s your feedback that helps us to determine the priorities in the Title Updates, and #2 is in the early phase of certification.

– Yes, when we release on PC, it will be via Steam. Date still TBD.

– And yes, Jeff DID just drop the sandbox mode bomb. We’re working on a pure sandbox mode for State of Decay, in large part because you asked for it. Again, the date is TBD, but we wanted you all to know it was coming.

Can’t stop us now! Thanks again for riding along with us.


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