Out Of Our Hands…

Today, we announced to our community that State of Decay has gone into the final certification process. That means that we’re…done. It’s out of our hands, and that much closer to being in yours. There are still things to do, of course, and if our publisher finds a problem we’ll fix it, but basically, this is the last big step between development and launch. Once we finish this, we’ll be ready to talk about release dates. We are proud. We are excited.

We are maybe a little tired. Thank you all so much for your encouragement and support! It got us this far, and there’s not much farther to go.

If you’d like to help us celebrate this major milestone, we’re running a fun contest. If you’d like to join the fun, write “ALMOST” on your hand, take a picture, and post it in the comment thread by midnight your local time tonight. (That’s really all you have to do, though as usual for this community, we have people going wildly beyond the requirements just for the hell of it.) We’ll pick five winners at random to win preview codes for State of Decay.

Thanks again, everybody.

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