Followup Q&A, A Matter of Character

As usual, you all asked wonderful questions, and we spent the week tackling them. The resulting document was more than ten pages long! The questions included:

* How do you switch between characters? What are the limits on switching between characters?
* How many skills are in the game total right now?
* Can skills like construction or vehicle repair be taught?
* How hard is it to raise the skills of a character?
* Does increased firearm ability prevent (or reduce, or slow) wear and tear?
* Can negative traits be improved?
* How do you tell a survivor he/she is no longer welcome in the group? What happens if yes?
* How will conflict affect people?

These and more than thirty other questions are on the forum now.

Y’all, I just have to tell you, I love doing the Q&As with you. It gives us a chance to find out what really matters to you, to clarify things we left unclear, and to see where we might need to focus in the future. It’s a lot more than just answering questions – it turns game development into a collaborative effort between developers and players. Thanks for being part of the process, as always!

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