Survivor Cell Challenge #5: Tactical Planning

In keeping with December’s “Tactics” theme, this month’s challenge is all about sharing one small bit of your game plan.  How will you defend your home/property/car/dorm room? If you show us, you’ll win a first look at a new gameplay video, and a chance to win gear for your group. Keep reading:

Pit trap? Snare? Perimeter defense? Maybe you’ll lurk in a doorway with an airhorn while another cell member stands just out of view with an axe. Or you might have stuffed dummies dressed like your cell sitting on lawnchairs while your team sits on the roof poised to drop heavy objects. Use your imagination, and points for MacGyvering something hilarious.

What we don’t want you to do is anything dangerous. No real landmines, please. (With this crowd, I have to spell that out. Which is awesome.)

Send your photo (required if you’re a cell, optional if you’re an individual), and a sketch or map of your plan (optional if you’re a cell, required if you’re an individual), no later than Sunday evening, 11:59 PM (23:59), December 16. You will get your video on Tuesday. You may share your exclusive video with the news source of your choice on Wednesday, December 19.

We’ll also have community voting on the best tactical plan, with State of Decay gear for the favorite individual submission and the favorite cell submission.

Any questions? Click the green tape and ask them in the forums.

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