Followup To Buckle Up: Community Q&A

The response to Foge’s article was exactly what we’ve come to expect from our community: Passionate, and packed with followup questions. We gathered them up and did our best to hit them all. (This ain’t the royal “we” – the people behind this Q&A are your producer, your creative director, your weapons master, your president, your community person, and of course, Foge himself.) Check out the five sections of goodness here in our forum.

Questions include:

When in stealth mode, will there be a silent takedown button?

Since this game is third person, will we be able to toggle between shoulder views?

Will guns jam less if you are more experienced?

Will we be able to repair/maintain melee weapon durability at our base, or can we do it on the fly?

Will NPCs know how to conserve ammo also or will they just completely Rambo it and waste resources quickly?

Are there any other characters who can get me items from outside?

These, and thirty other questions, have all been answered… so what are you still doing here? See you there!


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