Survivor Cell Challenge #4: Part Of the Big Picture

This month, we have been driving furiously to our next goal (a content milestone, this time). We’re also starting to talk about the day when we finally get you all into our world. One of the things that has us fired up is that each small element was designed and polished and fitted into a big picture. Trust me, you can’t just shove a feature into a game like State of Decay in order to tick off a box. Everything works together. Everything clicks, everything builds on everything else, until the result is greater than the sum of its parts.

More on that later, though. Right now, I want to get you all rolling on this month’s Survivor Cell Challenge.  You are all part of the big picture.

No one stands alone. Survival is about being part of something bigger than yourself, about a community of like-minded people coming together. You alone are awesome, but standing with your crew, you’re unstoppable. This month, send a photo of your cell contributing to your community. Some ideas:

— Gather your extra canned food and take a picture of you all dropping it off at the collection bin.

— Pick up the trash along the side of a local road. Show us how much you got in an hour.

— Swarm an elderly neighbor’s house and trim shrubs/clean out gutters.

— Organize your basement to better serve as a disaster shelter for your crew, plus one extra survivor.

— Donate zombie movies to a veteran’s hospital.

— Participate in a charity run/walk as a team in full survivor gear.

— Send a picture of yourself in your uniform, whether you serve your community as part of the military, police, firefighters, EMTs, or similar.

The only limit is you. Send the picture by 11:59 PM (23:59) on Sunday, November 25th. The prize for participating cells: Exclusive screenshots! We’re not giving these babies to the press. The first post-milestone images are for you. If you feel so inclined, you may share the images with news outlets or websites of your choice on November 27th. We’ll put them up here for everyone to see on the 30th.

(Individuals without a cell may enter, but are not eligible to receive the screenshots. I’ll randomly select one participating individual to win a t-shirt.)

Help keep us here at Undead inspired, and show us how you’re part of the big picture. If you’ve got any questions, hit me up in the forum by clicking the green button down to your right.

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