Survey(ing) Says: New Screenshots!

Those of you who hang out in the forum, or with us on Facebook, or even on Twitter have already seen four of these. But go ahead and click, complete the collection. Those of you who rely on this website, or more accurately your favorite gaming news outlet linking to this website, are about to see the latest and greatest screenshots. We’re teasing some new content with these images. Read on!

There are three types of screenshots. Click each one to see it full size!

Skill Increase. Your abilities are affected by Traits and Skills. Traits are inherent and rarely change. Skills have to be developed over time through use.

No, I think I’ll keep your shoes.
Swing for the fences.


Surveying. Climb up to a high place to survey the area. Locate buildings, survivors, vehicles, and mission opportunities. Find zombie hordes and new infestations without walking or driving into trouble.

What’s that?
No, that over there.
I can see my house from here.


Inventory. These are the pictures worth a thousand website posts. From a look into a well-managed base’s supply locker, you can learn a lot. Like all the different kinds of healing items, to the sheer breadth of options in homemade explosives, to the crazy number of random items that just might come in handy someday.

You can extrapolate even more than a mere list of things. From a shot of the inventory, you can discover that there’s a limit to what one survivor can carry, that survivors must contribute to the community before taking from the community, and that food and ammo are finite resources. Heck, even tactics may suggest themselves if you read the descriptions.

A light in dark places. Which is everywhere, after the outbreak.
I think we all just learned a new vocabulary word.
It. Is. Not. A SILENCER.


All right. You know what to do, y’all. Share the hell out of this. And of course, chat about it in the forum, after you click the green comment tape down and to the right.



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