Well, Shoot.

At PAX Prime, we revealed a nice little chunk of State of Decay game footage. We encouraged the players waiting in line to try it to take pictures and video. You saw elements of base building, of stealthy strategy, of incendiary device usage, and a whole lot of chopping, hacking, and splattering with dozens of edged weapons. There were also several extremely blurry screenshots of a supply locker filled with guns and other things that go boom.

I do not believe any of our alpha images were more analyzed, deconstructed, discussed, or reposted than those weapon shots.

The shots were followed by so many questions – did we have one of this model? One of that? We couldn’t possibly make a zombie game without one of these, right? I was helpless before the onslaught of extremely specific inquiries. Fortunately, Brant wanted to give you, his fellow gun…enthusiasts…a little of what you’re longing to see. I present to you “Show and Tell With Brant.”

Here’s a scene from Brant’s front porch in Trumball Valley as he packs for a little hunting trip:

Brant’s idea of a really GOOD go-bag.

Oh, but it’s so hard to choose. It’s important to have the right tool for the job, right? It’s a real shame that you’ll have to be careful with ammunition, in a world where bullets and food have value and money has none.

Wait, this one’s pretty good, too.

Those are some of his favorites, but we know that everyone has their own preferences. Here, therefore, is the list to date. It is not final. As a matter of fact, there are at least four more in progress. Who knows where we’ll be when Brant is forced to stop adding weapons so we can get them into your hands?

The list…so far.

Message from Brant:

Remember, firearms are dangerous:

1) All guns are ALWAYS loaded

2) Never point the muzzle at something unless you intend to destroy it

3) Keep your finger outside the trigger guard until you are on target

4) Be aware of what is downrange beyond your target, determine if it is safe to shoot

Have fun. If you want to play with real guns, get training!!!

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