Survivor Cell Challenge #3: Zombie/Survivor Costumes

Easy one… or is it? You COULD just shrug on a camo jacket and some boots, and call it a survivor costume. You could slap on some makeup and a shredded sweatshirt and tell me you’re a zombie. If you’re in a Cell that goes that far and send me a picture by 11:59 PM your time on Sunday, October 28th, you will be guaranteed to win this month’s prize: Another exclusive gameplay video. Heck, if you don’t participate at all, you’ll still win – participating cells are welcome to post the video themselves on October 30th, and we’ll add it to our official YouTube channel on Halloween.

But you can do more. So can those of you without a cell.

We’re going to pick our favorite costumed Cell pictures, and from that group, ask the community to vote for the Survivor’s Choice. In addition to the video, the Survivor’s Choice cell will receive State of Decay shirts and bragging rights.

If you have no Cell, fear not! Please send me a picture of you in your best survivor or zombie costume. While you aren’t eligible for the video prize, you have a chance to win the Lone Wolf Survivor’s Choice contest. Again, we’ll pick our favorites and ask the community to vote for the best.

Style points awarded for clever use of setting. What’s more frightening, a zombie in a brightly lit bedroom with a One Direction poster in the background… or a zombie lurking in a dark closet? What’s more awesome, a zombie in dark alley, or a zombie in an alley with a survivor standing behind the zombie with a raised crowbar? I’m saying think about the game footage you’ve seen, and try to make a screenshot come to life!


– Your Cell must be registered with me before you send in your picture.

– Everyone in your Cell should be in the picture, unless you arrange it with me in advance.

– You must send the picture to sanya at undeadlabs dot com no later than 11:59 PM (or 23:59, I guess), your local time, on Sunday, October 28th, 2012.

– Please, no storebought anything (except makeup for those of you going zombie). As with everything related to survival, you make do with what you’ve got. Ingenuity counts for more than your bank account.

If you’ve got any questions, hit that green comment button down on the right here and ask ’em in the forum. Good luck, Survivors!


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