Get Your Shirts and Hoodies!

Once again, we’re doing a shirt/hoodie run for our awesome community. (Also, posters!) For the next two weeks and change (until 9:00 AM PDT/noon EDT/1800 CEST October 29, 2012), you can order an Undead Labs shirt or hoodie. The price to you is what it will cost us to print and ship these babies. After the 29th, we won’t we taking any more orders until…well, I don’t know when. I’m guessing not until after launch.

All of these lovely items are made in the USA, and I speak from experience when I say they don’t run or shrink.

American Apparel runs on the small side. If you’re in between sizes, I strongly recommend going with the bigger one. We’re taking plastic and PayPal, and we’ll ship anywhere in the world. Prices are:

Hoodie: 40 (+15 to ship to the US/CAN)(+32 everywhere else)

Shirt: 18 (+4 US/CAN)(+8 everywhere else)

Poster: 10 (+4 US/CAN)(+8 everywhere else)

Note: The hoodie is only bite-proof if the zombie trying to eat you has lost his teeth. If that’s not an argument for carrying a bat, I don’t know what is.

If you get some gear, you know what they say. Pics or it didn’t happen. Tweet ’em to meĀ  (@undeadlabs) or email them to sanya AT undeadlabs DOT com.

Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful. Hate me because I’m going to eat your brain.