Survivor Cell Challenge #2: Go Bags

The September challenge is only available to Cells that register by the end of today. (That’s 11:59 PM 9/20/2012, by your watch.) Check out the original Survivor Cell post for more information, newcomers, it’s a lot of fun!

This month’s challenge:  The zombie apocalypse is kicking off TODAY! Right now. No time to go to the store, no time to buy anything online. Assemble a “go-bag” for each member of your cell. Take a picture of the items, along with all the members of your cell. Write up a list of what you’ve chosen to include, and send me an email with the photo and the list by 11:59 PM on Monday, September 24 (in your time zone). Pictures will be posted to our Facebook page unless you ask me not to do so.

This month’s prize is a State of Decay poster, autographed by our team. We’ll mail you Cell Leaders a poster for each member of your team that appears in the photo.

For more rules and guidelines, read on!


* Put together these go bags from things you/your cell members already own. No running off to the sporting goods store to grab that one thing you’ve been meaning to get. The apocalypse has started! All you have to pack is what you have on hand. Make it or fake it, y’all, because this challenge is about doing the best you can with what you’ve got…kind of like State of Decay.

* Each member of the cell must be able to carry his or her own bag.

* Consider individual needs. Anyone wear glasses? Diabetic? Pregnant? On crutches? Don’t think of the ideal you, the one planning to lose ten pounds and learn gun safety. Look at yourself as you are right now, and think about what you need.

* Consider group needs. You are a Cell. You’re a team. You’re banding together. What might serve a group that would be pointless for a single person’s go bag? Who will carry it? Can it be broken down into parts?

* Consider your goals. Do you want to survive through the coming winter? Do you need just enough stuff to get the group to a cabin in the mountains? Are you more worried about food or zombies or other survivors? It’s totally up to you.

* Bonus consideration: What natural disaster might strike your town? Will your go bags help you in that scenario?


* Nothing illegal, please.

* Your Cell must be registered by 11:59 PM tonight, 9/20/2012. That is 11:59 (or 23:59) YOUR time. Look, when I wake up tomorrow morning, everything that is in my inbox will sneak in under the wire. No exceptions for anyone who creeps in after that. The prize is too cool.

* Your Cell must follow the original rules: Three or more people living near each other in the physical world.

* Leaders, if you want to add eligible people to your Cell, you must do it by 11:59 PM tonight, 9/20/2012.

* In order to win the posters, the Cell Leader must submit the photo of the bags/cell members and the list of items (and the Cell Leader’s mailing address) by 11:59 PM your time on Monday, September 24.

sanya AT undeadlabs DOT com



* I will not be posting the pictures all at once. Doling them out gives every participating cell a moment in the Facebook sun, instead of being just another snapshot in the album.

* I do not yet know exactly when we will mail the posters to the winners. It rather depends on how many Cells participate. It could take us a bit of time to autograph them all! But they’ll be out the door before the October challenge goes up.

Any other questions? Hit that green comment button down and to the right and head to the forums.


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