Friends Will Help You Survive the Wait

Do you have any friends in your town that might be interested in Class3? Recruit them to join your Survivor Cell.

That’s what we’re calling groups of friends in the physical world who are banding together to endure the wait until the outbreak begins. (Hat tip to TweakX on Twitter, who suggested the name.) Here’s how it works:

A Cell should be at least three people in roughly the same physical location. One of you is the Cell Leader. That’s the person in charge of staying in touch with Undead Labs, and the one who will be in charge of sharing loot with the others.

Loot? If your Cell participates in challenges ranging from costume contests to scavenger hunts and more, you’ll get the goods from us. Loot might be anything. Undead Labs gear, exclusive video footage from the game, special access, stickers, wallpapers, and more.

You certainly don’t have to participate in each challenge (hey, not everyone wants to dress up like a zombie), but rewards aren’t automatic. We’re looking for active Survivors, here.

We’ll put up a Survivor Cell listing on the forum, along with a map. If you want your cell to stay closed, just you and your handpicked buddies, that’s fine! But if you’re willing to allow other local survivors into your shelter, let us know your cell is open, and give us some contact information to include with your listing.

If you want in, email me at sanya at undeadlabs dot com. Make sure you include the following information:

Your city/state/country
Your group’s name/membership
Cell status
Contact email address if cell status is open
Names of current members (this will NOT be published in the listing!)

So for example, you’d send me:
Des Moines, Iowa, USA
“Riley’s Redoubt” (four members)
Status: Open
rileysredoubt @
(Not published on the forum: Riley Jones (leader), Bob Smith, Karen Jones, David Doe)

Any questions? Click on the comment button and ask in the forums!

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