Wrapping Up The Week With A Q&A

It was a short week, thanks to the Independence Day holiday here in the USA, but we got a lot done. In addition to moving ever forward on the game itself, and the PC announcement, we also did a long Q&A with a terrific news site called OnlySP.

In fact, the Q&A is so long that OnlySP has decided to split it into two parts. Part One is up, and it features the questions:

* Zombies are everywhere, Call of Duty, Left 4 Dead, Dead Island, even Red Dead Redemption. What are you doing that will make Class3 standout from the crowd?
* Have you been keeping a close eye on DayZ?
* What kind of consequences will be involved with death in Class3?
* How in-depth is the base building in Class3?
* Will other humans in the game be friendly, or is there a mix between them?
* How large is the open world in Class 3, and how varied are the environments? Will we see any type of weather patterns such as storms, fog etc? What about seasonal changes?
* Which games have been your biggest influences for Class3?

On Monday I’ll post the link to Part Two. Our own Q&A with the answers to your burning Zombie and Survivor questions will go up late next week, barring another power apocalypse at my house. Meanwhile, enjoy, and have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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