Followup Q&A: Vehicles

Hey, y’all. We’re rocking a followup Q&A over at the forums, answering as many of the questions people had about the vehicle article as we possibly could. Head on over there and see what your fellow community members asked. The questions include:

* If the zombies are clinging on your car, will they weigh down your car down or make you lose control?

* How will vehicle damage be handled?

* Can we strip the car down and go all Kanye-West-and-Jay-Z-In-Otis-Music-Video?

* When you say finite, does that mean if we break all the cars, we can’t get any more?

* Can I have twenty cars all piled up at my Home in a barricade or something?

Click on the comment button to read the whole thing, and to join the forum fun.

Hey, while I have your attention – do you have friends in your town that might want to join you in playing Class3 when it launches? Tune in next week, when I tell you about a way you can get exclusive video footage and more.

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