Class3 For The PC

We are (very) excited to announce that Class3 will be available on the PC.

It’s tempting to leave it at that. Read on for more:

Almost since the moment we announced, we’ve been seeing threads, emails, posts, and carrier pigeons begging for us to consider a PC version of Class3.

Now that we’ve got the basic development done and are into the polish phase of production, we took a look at our options. Our main priority (besides making you a kickass game) was not delaying the XBLA launch. We determined that we could launch a PC version shortly after the Xbox version without affecting our development schedule. Microsoft was into the idea as well, and offered us their full support.

We are doing our development on the Xbox. The interface is designed for the Xbox, and we assume you’ll be playing Class3 on the couch with your feet up. Making a PC version available just turns out to be simple enough to make it worthwhile.

Really, it was a no brainer. Doesn’t set us back, and makes a few million people happy? Bring it on!

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