Ultimate community director. Check.

Today it’s my great pleasure to announce the end of our search for the ultimate community director. After months of resume reviews, phone discussions, and all-day interviews at the Lab, we’ve finally welcomed the inestimable Sanya Weathers to Team Zed.

Sanya has excellent credentials in the online community field, including six years as Director of Community for Mythic Entertainment (if you’ve ever played Dark Age of Camelot, you probably know her as Sanya Thomas) and a regular contributor to MMORPG.com. But we were looking for more than that; we were looking for someone who genuinely likes people; who radiates positive energy; and who views building and nurturing a great game community as a simple matter of communicating in an honest, no-bullshit manner and treating people well. I know those sound like obvious qualities for anyone choosing to build a career working with online communities, but that’s surprisingly not always the case. As you’ll discover over the next few months, it’s the only way Sanya knows how to operate.

Does this mean you can expect regular updates and more information about Class3? Oh hell yeah. You don’t hire a kickass community director if you have nothing to say… ;)

Be sure to check out Sanya’s introductory post to find out more.

Welcome to Team Zed, Sanya!

  1. Researcher: Ryan
    Date Recorded: June 20, 2012 at 11:48 am

    This is great and all and welcome to the team, but it’s been 4 months, when are we going to get an update on the game? You guys have been pretty much invisible since Emily left

    • Researcher: Vampevil
      Date Recorded: June 20, 2012 at 12:17 pm

      i lknow its redic.. wonder if the game is going to come out for new xbox?

    • Researcher: Irony
      Date Recorded: June 20, 2012 at 12:21 pm

      Just a guess but uh… I’m guessing they hired a community director specifically to get update communication back on track.

    • Researcher: Falconlad
      Date Recorded: June 20, 2012 at 12:33 pm

      100% agreed, an no apologies or explanation either. Waiting a couple weeks would’ve went by without warrant, but after this long, you guys should be checking in on the community and letting us know what’s going on; regardless of whether or not you had a director (and no “we’ve been working on the game” bull. Any of you could’ve taken 5 minutes out of your night to let your fans know what’s up.

    • Researcher: Sanya
      Date Recorded: June 20, 2012 at 1:39 pm

      Eh. Not really. Updating the website is one of those things that, for a dev, is third or fourth on the priority list. These guys have been hammering at some hardcore milestones and every five minutes tends to have three different things that need doing. That’s why they hired me – updates to at least let you know we’re still lurching along *is* my priority.

    • Researcher: Survivalting
      Date Recorded: June 20, 2012 at 1:45 pm

      Thankyou Sanya,liking the fact your telling it how it is !!

    • Researcher: Falconlad
      Date Recorded: June 20, 2012 at 2:41 pm

      Doesn’t matter what their priority is. The fact of it is that it’s such a simple and quick task to just update your site or Facebook, letting the fans know you’re still alive. Any employee could’ve done it while taking a dump or on their lunch break and could’ve completed it in less than 5 minutes.

    • Researcher: Sanya
      Date Recorded: June 20, 2012 at 2:49 pm

      Hey, all I can do is tell you the truth. After that, it’s kinda up to you what to do with it. That’s how it was, and today is a brand new fish (apologies to Terry Pratchett). Wanna talk about zombies?

    • Researcher: Jordan
      Date Recorded: June 20, 2012 at 3:14 pm

      Look if they’re busy they’re busy. They don’t have to update us on every little thing. Sure, it’s nice, but their job is to make a kick ass game, and I have complete faith they’ll do that. It isn’t you’re place to judge or give them negativity.

    • Researcher: Survivalting
      Date Recorded: June 20, 2012 at 3:19 pm

      Lol why should they apologize for making a craaaazzy game ?? there making a game with a small team of devs and since Emily left there hasn’t been anyone to interact with the community what’s so hard about waiting 3 months without assuming that they’ve gone bust ? there making a game at the end of the day it doesn’t get made by posting news all the time which is why Emily was there (to interact with the fans) and now why Sanya (Thankyou UL’s Good choice) is there :D! You don’t see rockstar or infinity ward with teams of hundreds of devs interacting with there fans like Undead Labs have done and just think of all the news they’ve got for us :D ! now ohh man i can’t wait !!

    • Researcher: Sanya
      Date Recorded: June 20, 2012 at 3:32 pm

      Hey, y’all, I appreciate both the criticism and the cheers (I need ‘em both to stay on track, IYKWIM), but I really do want to look forward and not back. Now, going forward, if there are big heaping wads of silence, I’ll deserve all the kicking you can give me. Seriously, let’s talk about zombies now.

    • Researcher: Brant
      Date Recorded: June 20, 2012 at 3:38 pm

      Welcome aboard Sanya!

    • Researcher: Survivalting
      Date Recorded: June 20, 2012 at 3:37 pm

      Haha, whats your favourite type of Zed you’ve seen in the game ;)? I’d ask what your favourite zombie flick was but since your scared of zombie’s idk ?

    • Researcher: Survivalting
      Date Recorded: June 20, 2012 at 4:18 pm

      Don’t i feel like a idiot you said you hadn’t watched any zombie movies haha :p! If you want a really good zombie flick thats not just a good zombie movie (not really scary so don’t worry lol) but funny while not getting too corny, well two actually and they represent zombies as they should be though, Shawn of the dead and Zombieland both seriously good zombie movies while there not scary as such, just seriously good films .:D

  2. Researcher: Pieter Kuperus
    Date Recorded: June 20, 2012 at 11:59 am

    Yay I love you guys! And welcome Sanya! :D

  3. Researcher: Pablo
    Date Recorded: June 20, 2012 at 12:21 pm

    Welcome but however small we want a game update pleaseeeeeeee

  4. Researcher: Brian
    Date Recorded: June 20, 2012 at 12:51 pm

    It’s so great to hear from Undead Labs again! Looking forward to getting more updates!!

  5. Researcher: MarleyTheMongolianMoose
    Date Recorded: June 20, 2012 at 1:10 pm

    You may or may not remember me Sanya (I found some security vulnerabilities in the website for Prime Battle for Dominus and we e-mailed back and forth).

    Welcome to the UndeadLabs team.

    :P Is Prime dead? Or did this job just intrigue you more than theirs?

    It was sad when the slated release for that game was before XMas originally since they disliked it when games came out with info too soon and then didn’t release for 3 years, but it seems like the path they are going.

  6. Researcher: Chris F
    Date Recorded: June 20, 2012 at 1:18 pm

    Hooooray, more updates!

  7. Researcher: Danny
    Date Recorded: June 20, 2012 at 1:33 pm

    I am really glad to hear that you guys are going to be posting again. What ever happened to Emily?

  8. Researcher: Dave
    Date Recorded: June 20, 2012 at 1:38 pm

    OMG I’m just so happy to see my news feed tick something new on Undead Labs!

    Great, more updates, daily updates, just tell us WTF you had for breakfast dammit!

    No but seriously, this is awesome, and I’m glad you’re now looking at building the community.

    As for those that are worried about this being on the new Xbox, I would very muchly think not… Microsoft stated today that the 360 has “Many Years” left, and they will not ditch it, like they did for the 1st Xbox.

    With the quality of games coming out, I wouldn’t see the 360 getting shelved for another 3-5 years, even after the 720 comes out, they’ll support both this time.

    Who knows? They never said the 720 wouldn’t be backwards compatible, we may be able to play this on both systems, would only make sense..

  9. Researcher: stubby
    Date Recorded: June 20, 2012 at 11:58 pm

    Welcome, Sanya! It’s just nice to know the project is still alive…so to speak.

  10. Researcher: Nicholas
    Date Recorded: June 21, 2012 at 12:32 am

    Good job handling the more impatient part of the fanbase Sanya, but I would be lying if I said I wasnt worried about the game too during the absence. Anyways, a new member is always a good sign, and I’m relieved to hear some news. Hope you can update us on progress soon, and congrats again on making the team.

    • Researcher: Sanya
      Date Recorded: June 21, 2012 at 7:58 am

      Thanks. I don’t blame anyone for freaking out over months of silence. I would have. I happen to know it was also freaking out the team, which is why they hired me ;)

    • Researcher: Jeff
      Date Recorded: June 21, 2012 at 1:43 pm

      Well put, Sanya…

    • Researcher: BigE
      Date Recorded: June 24, 2012 at 5:48 pm

      How come Sanya has the regular background for her posts (the shades of brown), when all other members of the team have the white background?

    • Researcher: Sanya
      Date Recorded: June 24, 2012 at 5:55 pm

      Newb mistake on my part. I was responding to posts on my laptop without being signed in to the admin stuff. The gravatar is associated with my email address, so it shows up properly everywhere, but the background is an admin function.