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Go Ahead… Kick My Ass

Happy 2012, fellow survivors!

After a well-earned break for the holidays, Team Zed is back in the Lab and pounding away at the code, art, sound, and design for ‘Class3′.

To celebrate the new year—and, okay, because we haven’t updated you in a few weeks—I took some “spy cam” footage in the Lab today with my trusty iPhone. We’re not quite ready to post official trailers at this point, but I snuck up on Foge as he was testing out some ambush functionality on the Lab TV, so you might catch a glimpse of some early-alpha Class3 gameplay goodness.

Or maybe more than a glimpse…

As we jump into the new year we also bid farewell to Emily, who took point on our website and kept in touch with our community and fansites such as Emily is off to new adventures, and we wish her well. Don’t worry—we’ll be keeping you up-to-date on our progress here on the Undead Labs website, and we’ll also be announcing plans for a more robust community site soon.

We had a tremendously productive year in 2011, and we’re anticipating an even better 2012. I’m happy to say that Class3 is on schedule and looking great. We’re excited to show it to you and the rest of the world officially—assuming I don’t get my ass kicked for leaking unofficial gameplay footage…


Update: It looks like our comment system is biffed. We’re working on it. For now you can leave comments for the dev team on the Lab Facebook page.

Update 2: Comments fixed. Thanks Liz!

  1. Researcher: Alquedabunny

    First comment? its been out for two days

    • Researcher: Jeff

      Bunny, our comment system was broken by the latest WordPress update, so everyone has been commenting over on our Facebook page.

    • Researcher: Alquedabunny

      Was a bit late on that part haha, apologies

    • Researcher: qwerty

      is class 3 still going to support split screen im just wondering because most open world like games i know of don’t support it

    • Researcher: tank_33

      why would u want split screen.. i dont see how anyone can play like that..

    • Researcher: Sorryaboutmyverbaldiarreah

      I for one think that, since there won’t be an online multiplayer for class 3, split-screen would be very welcome. And if you don’t enjoy split-screen, that’s your right, just don’t use it (if it is indeed in there).
      Anyway, I’m a long time lurker, since around the beginning of 2011 I think? Anyway, I’ve read almost all of the articles posted so far and the one thing I really want to hear about is, will the game, despite being an XBL arcade game, be as expansive as any other sandbox rpg? For example, Skyrim? Now, that’s probably a bad example, but I had to use it because at the moment, everyone knows what it is. Anyway, that’s definitely one of my main concerns. I’m not saying it needs to be as big as the Skyrim world (which was huge) but is it small, medium, large…?
      Also, two other important things for me, will there be load screens when entering different regions (EX: a house) and will we be able to enter all buildings?

    • Researcher: Raymond

      Im sure I remember reading something a whole back saying that it will support split screen because class 3 is a co-op game…. And also if there’s two people playing the game, watching someone else and waiting for your go sucks…

    • Researcher: Jordan

      I’ve been reading since this site first started in 2009, and I’ve always had the feeling this is not only a game to be enjoyed alone, but also with friends, since they talk expansively about having zombie discussions with friends. I definitely think and hope they have some sort of split screen. This is the perfect game for co-op, especially in person

    • Researcher: NexAnima

      looking smexy, still lurking with hope. XD

    • Researcher: Dgsmg
      Date Recorded: March 27, 2012 at 8:18 am

      Cryengine doesn’t support splitscreen

    • Researcher: ben swinbanks
      Date Recorded: April 28, 2012 at 9:53 pm

      Hi guys, just *really* hoping you add at least an option to play this game in 1st person. even if its not super polished i really dont care. purely for immersion please dont make this seemingly great game and then force us into a 3rd person perspective…


  2. Researcher: Aaron

    I was getting worried that we’d never get an update again. This sneak peak was worth the wait!

  3. Researcher: Dantron

    In the distant future, Dantron was a human like you until Dantron took an arrow to the knee. Dantron quickly noticed that Dantron was not impeded at all by the arrow to the knee. Dantron soon realized that Dantron was not human at all. Dantron discovered that Dantron is a robot. A zombie killin’ robot!

    Alas, Dantron could not find any zombies to kill in the future, therefore, Dantron travelled to the past to when the zombie apocalypse was still a going concern. Unfortunately, Dantron does not know how to properly tune a flux capacitor and Dantron went a bit too far into the past. This is how Dantron ended up in 2010 rather than 2012, when the zombie apocalypse is scheduled to begin.

    Looking for some serious (virtual) zombie slaying to pass the time until the real zombie apocalypse, Dantron turned to video games (Left 4 Dead, Dead Rising, etc). Dantron slew mountains of zombies and rescued countless survivors (and mourned the passing of Bill). While these games were very entertaining and fast paced, they did not fully embrace the experience Dantron was looking for. Dantron wanted a more in-depth and involved challenge for the zombie apocalypse. Then Dantron heard about the (then) little known firm called Undead Labs.

    Oh, Undead Labs; stealer of Dantron’s (future) free time. No other game company has been able to capture Dantron’s (very limited) attention for so long (congrats on the two year anniversary last November – sorry for not mentioning it two months ago!). With frequent updates, excellent community relations, cool game concepts, and a kick-ass team, UL has managed to capture the hearts, minds, & souls of a legion of fans eagerly awaiting any new tidbit of information. And Dantron is no exception.

    Dantron read the latest update with great excitement and Dantron’s anticipation of the eventual release of Class 3 grew even greater as Dantron saw the game play video. Dozens of questions and ideas flew threw Dantron’s neural processors, which saddened Dantron greatly as Dantron knows that Dantron will most likely have to wait awhile before learning the answers to some of Dantron’s questions. That’s ok, though, as Dantron has the patience of…of…ummm…some sort of patience manufacturing machine. <—That last sentence makes no sense.

    Dantron’s thanks UL for another informative post and looks forward to many great things to come in 2012!

    p.s. Dantron is saddened to learn of Emily’s departure. Dantron hopes Emily has fun in her new adventures. Dantron invites Emily to stop by once in a while for a friendly chat.

    p.p.s. Dantron is off for a nap, then back to Whiterun for some hard core lollygaggin’.

    • Researcher: Lucien

      its awesome to see some footage of the game its lookin real snazzy guys haha, i cant wait for when u let us play it XP.

      Also wanted to say Bye to Emily, and ask where she went o.0

    • Researcher: Brant

      Here at Undead Labs, we are working on two major projects. One is a zombie game for your entertainment, the other is a cage designed to keep a certain future-bot from causing too much harm, as well as keep him comfy.

    • Researcher: Dantron

      As long as comfy cages include vast quantities of pies and napping blankets, then Dantron will be a happy bot indeed.

    • Researcher: Seth, building a base

      great the graphics are alot better than i imagined! sorta of reminds me of GTA except with zombies. i like how it looks except the zombies are a little to fast and that one fat guy zombies broke right through the barricades which kind of dissappointed me cuz i was hoping to camp out in a buiding for a couple of days but then i thought ” maybe his construction skill is to low or, maybe he didn’t have very good supplies to build a barricade strong enough”. either way still looks awasome and is my number 1 most anticipated game of 2012 even better than Halo 4, dragon age 3, and mass effect 3. i hope this game comes out sooon !!! or at least a trailer and bye to emily but im sure ull guys make a great game.

      hoping to see more info soon


    • Researcher: cia_kid (seth)

      Did I write that or is this another Seth?
      The return of the Seth!

    • Researcher: tank_33

      the world been waiting on a real zombie mmo.. not no dumb free to play web browser junk…

    • Researcher: Seth

      lol iwas confused too when i saw another seth writing im like “i didn’t write that!” but yah i cant wait for this game gonna be the best. currently my #1 top anticipated game

  4. Researcher: Jarek

    So far so good. I’m waiting for an official trailer. I hope for 2012 release date.

  5. Researcher: J

    Your offices looks like a large Lan party.

  6. Researcher: David

    Oh man, this is looking better than I had hoped for! I can tell you guys are pouring alot of effort in the details. Bronto gas, haha!

  7. Researcher: Awesomedude360

    Guys! Guys! Over here, I…I think I found them! There not dead!

    • Researcher: Dee

      I would love to see an option to get a more over the shoulder view when using firearms.

      I feel like it would excite a lot of skeptics if the shooting aspect of gameplay is perfect. Something along the lines of Gears of War where the aiming is like a FPS but you can see your character.

      Anyways just a thought, looks great regardless and I know it will only improve.

    • Researcher: Mike

      using a tighter 3rd person perspective while firing would be better, but also having a more traditional larger cross hair would be preferable as well

    • Researcher: Sage

      Yeah..I thought the running looked a bit odd, but I’m sure it’ll be ironed out. The game looks great!

    • Researcher: Zombie Patriarch

      I agree running was… lol, but personally the smaller the cross-hair the more sure you can be of the shot thats why in games like CoD when you crouch it shrinks

    • Researcher: Aaron

      Cross hairs were fine, it’ll keep people from run and gun but I agree completely with zooming in more when doing aimed fire.

      with it being so early, Sage is probably right. They’ll get it ironed out

  8. Researcher: pete

    that was awasome good luck undeadlabs

    • Researcher: M.


      Lots of cool things in the “Spy Cam” footage… the concepts wall, wall of fan love..

      Am impressed by the bright colours and near realistic world appearances…

      It’s another sunny day in Z town….!

      The music theme was also really good… ominous, while not being overwhelming.

      Thanks for sharing !

      ~ M.

    • Researcher: Brant

      that music was an original piece from Audio Director Kevin!

  9. Researcher: Seer Low

    The graphics look to good to be an arcade game. I hope we get to customize our avatar like face and clothes!

    • Researcher: Collin

      I hop so. It doesn’t even need to be as indepth as Fallout but it would be great

    • Researcher: Aaron

      Surely you’ll be able to customize the avatar, its going to multiplayer.

  10. Researcher: OBRIAN

    Bye Emily :(
    But, in other news, congratulations UL! Your progress has been incredible and I can’t wait for the game! You guys rock!

    • Researcher: declan

      looks sweet! been keeping my eye on this for around a year now, looks badass! cant wait for it

    • Researcher: Trey/Chad

      Can we get a first person mode?

    • Researcher: Cody

      Its been too long since the last post, I since a demo approaching.

    • Researcher: Don.Harp
      Date Recorded: March 23, 2012 at 2:26 pm

      I’ve been following oyu guys ever sicne I first found out about the announcement when left for dead 2 was still hot in 2010 lol. Please don’t let us down with this game like Dead Island did. (A huge letdown, expecially since i was following them way back in 2007 when their site was under construction smh). Please just be open world, let the buildings be accessible, let their be zombies, and make our characters have to be cared for like on the sims, then that would be good enough for me)

    • Researcher: michael guimont
      Date Recorded: April 14, 2012 at 1:09 pm

      Please, Please, PLEASE!!!!

      tell me you are gonna release this game also on PC would pay 100$ for it
      it looks soooo dang good!
      keep p guys, can’t wait! been following you here since first post!