The Feasting

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving — the time when we look back at all the things that we’re grateful for in our lives and, of course, gorge ourselves on tasty, tasty brains turkey, stuffing, and all sorts of traditional holiday stuff (I want to eat ALL the sweet potatoes…). Since it’s also a time to be with friends and family, we’ll be closing down the Lab tomorrow and Friday, which means that we won’t be posting an article at the end of this week.

Don’t worry, though. Doug’s cooked up a new wallpaper to tide you over, and this one’s pretty freaking awesome. Read on to check it out.


Sweet! It’s about time turkeys got their revenge… ;)

Now, here’s a puzzler for you: If a turkey snacked on a zombie pilgrim, and you ate the turkey, would you become a zombie? Post a comment and let us know what you think!

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!


PS: Don’t forget that it’s Black Friday this week, so keep an eye out for awesome game deals. If you’re going to be hibernating at home to avoid the crowds (and any potential zombies), I know that Amazon and Steam always have great discounts.

  1. Researcher: VoltRabbit

    Should be fine if you cook it well… of course you’d have to catch the turkey before zombie type decomp occured.

    • Researcher: Jakesawesome

      of course by cook it well you mean creamate it?

      personally, i wouldnt take the risk

    • Researcher: M.

      My imagination tells me that 25% of consumers will be horribly sick and incapacitated for days.

      25% will get sick, die and come back as Zeds.

      25% will have no ill effects at all.

      The remaining 25% will claim “that’s the best damn turkey I’ve ever eaten !!!” – and get + 50 % health for a week…and have weird dreams about turkeys and someone they’ve never met ( the person whose brains the turkey ate ! )

      I didn’t know turkeys were carnivorous !!!

    • Researcher: M.

      Great image Doug !

      I imagine the fallen pilgrims black powder rifle was dropped nearby.

      It’s scary enough to imagine fighting zombies with contemporary pistols and rifles…. imagine having to fight with muzzle loaders, swords, maces, and pikes !

      “Re-load !!! Load ! Load !”

      ….Arrgh !!!

    • Researcher: Mackly

      I would say that it wouldn’t normally infect you. In fact, eating zombie flesh wouldn’t either unless you had cuts or sores in your mouth. It would pass right through you otherwise.

    • Researcher: Berenost

      so, does ulcers count?

  2. Researcher: Graverobber

    If only real turkeys were like that. Maybe the indians would have been saved from the pilgrims.

  3. Researcher: Jigsaw

    Id say no, if the turkey wasn’t a zombie and you didnt eat it’s stomach. I’d just stick to my safe house’s ration for the day though. I can’t wait for this game!

  4. Researcher: Kaizer

    Good question… I wouldn’t chance it though. Whatever causes zed’s morbid clock to tick can be contracted through it’s undead bodily fluids (coagulated blood, saliva, etc.).

    I think the bigger question is – Do we exist in world where animals who have been feasting on zed’s rotten intestines contract the plague? In typical zombie lure, animals are immune to the plague but what isn’t clear cut is can they become carrier hosts even if not directly effected by it.

    There was a similar situation in an episode of the The Walking Dead where they contemplated eating half the carcass of a deer zed has been munching on. They didn’t in fear of the plague.

    Now – imagine if it was the other way around with said animal feasting on zed. Like I said, I wouldn’t chance it.

  5. Researcher: David

    Great artwork. Reminds me of Thankskilling, which is a classic film.

  6. Researcher: Matthew

    I’d recommend against it, but I wouldn’t panic if it happened. It depends on the outbreak scenario, sure. But if it was a virus, then it would have to survive being in a dead-again host–cause I’m betting any animated undead pilgrim would attack that turkey–then the turkey stomach, then cooking, then human ingestion, AND would have to be contagious that way rather than just saliva-to-blood. That’s unlikely to accommodate the reproduction cycle of most viruses. So, eat up, festive apocalypse survivors!

  7. Researcher: Caleb

    It depends if animals can be affected by the infection or not.

    If you are looking to shop online instead of squeezing between the crowds on Friday, Cyber Monday is after the weekend.

    • Researcher: Pepe

      Here in Brazil we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving (eating turkeys and stuff) although we do have the Black Friday deals.. Knowing that, I can tell you guys that the brazillian people won’t be at any infected turkey risk. By the way, I’m eating Burguer King today =P

  8. Researcher: Pieter Kuperus

    I wouldn’t risk my life eating the turkey. But if I had to I would enjoy my first and last turkey as much as possible!!!


  9. Researcher: Urrukubarr

    Haha love the wallpaper happy thanksgiving undead labs

  10. Researcher: Robert

    Zombie turky is a zurky. ha Have a great Thanksgiving. and plz give us some gameplay soon we want to see your work so badly.