The Feasting

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving — the time when we look back at all the things that we’re grateful for in our lives and, of course, gorge ourselves on tasty, tasty brains turkey, stuffing, and all sorts of traditional holiday stuff (I want to eat ALL the sweet potatoes…). Since it’s also a time to be with friends and family, we’ll be closing down the Lab tomorrow and Friday, which means that we won’t be posting an article at the end of this week.

Don’t worry, though. Doug’s cooked up a new wallpaper to tide you over, and this one’s pretty freaking awesome. Read on to check it out.


Sweet! It’s about time turkeys got their revenge… 😉

Now, here’s a puzzler for you: If a turkey snacked on a zombie pilgrim, and you ate the turkey, would you become a zombie? Post a comment and let us know what you think!

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!


PS: Don’t forget that it’s Black Friday this week, so keep an eye out for awesome game deals. If you’re going to be hibernating at home to avoid the crowds (and any potential zombies), I know that Amazon and Steam always have great discounts.