Hoodie Time!

October’s here, which means it’s time for Halloween, ZomBcon — and Lab hoodies! We’re making a new batch of the sweatshirts worn by the members of Team Zed, and offering them for sale in the Undead Labs Gear Store.

Want a hoodie of your own? Read on to find out how to get one!

The ordering process is really simple — just head over here, choose your size, and checkout.

We’ll be taking requests until October 24 October 28, then closing the store and sending all of your orders off to the printer. As soon as we get them back, we’ll pack ‘em up and ship ‘em out to you. Based on what we learned from our Lab tees this summer, the whole process generally takes about two weeks (plus shipping).

All hoodies are American Apparel’s California Fleece, and feature the Undead Labs logo prominently on the chest. They’re incredibly soft, light-weight, durable, and warm. Wear them with pride, knowing that you’re sporting the exact same sweatshirts that we all own and love!

  1. Researcher: Monzta

    Will they be zip up or just pull over?

    • Researcher: Monzta

      I take that back, I didn’t realize that they are already for sale lol. They look nice but I’m more of a zip up kinda guy :P

    • Researcher: Emily

      Yeah, unfortunately we couldn’t find any zips that we were really happy with. The sister American Apparel zips were really soft (like these pullovers), but they were actually a few inches shorter. The guys at the Lab weren’t thrilled (they were either too short in the torso or too long in the sleeves), so we decided to pass on them.

      I’ll keep digging for a zip that everyone really likes. We’re picky about the stuff we make because if we don’t want to wear it ourselves, we don’t want to sell it to you guys. :)

      (On those lines, if you have a favorite zip hoodie that you wear all the time, feel free to share the brand with us. I went through a ton of samples, but would love to hear what you guys like, too.)

    • Researcher: RunningSolo

      American Eagle has quality stuff =)

    • Researcher: Josh Bishop

      Yup, I’d buy a zip up one as soon as it’s available.

    • Researcher: alQuedabunny

      this would solve my sweater problem

      i’d get like two hoodies with they have a zipper all the way down

      even bunnies need their winter coat o.O

  2. Researcher: Evmeister

    Will there be any design on the back? I’ll most likely by one anyways, although It would be pretty cool to have a zombie design on the back. Oh maybe do a contest on facebook and draw the best design!

  3. Researcher: Sean

    Sadly I leaving midway through this month and wont be back till mid/late December but I will definitely sport it when I get home!

  4. Researcher: Bloodsorrow

    Emily is gorgeous!


  5. Researcher: Rus

    You guys should do some variants with just one of the jar graphics on the front (brain, hand or eye). It would probably cost more to get the screens for each but I’d say you’d be more likely to get repeat purchases to cover it. Plus, how come only one colour?

  6. Researcher: Adam

    if i buy a hoodie does it come with my own team zed member? :D

  7. Researcher: Blake (NegativeHUNTER)

    Haha Emily looking like an OS (Original Survivor) nice hoodies, I’m dying to pick one up!

  8. Researcher: Mephster

    Just tried to order one and it seems the service is down ?

    • Researcher: Emily

      Oh, strange! What error does it give you?

    • Researcher: Mephster

      We’re experiencing a technical problem and we are doing everything we can to resolve it as soon as possible.

      We at checkout.shopify.com apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

      Sorry for the late respone but this is what I got and it is about 12:37am eastern time.

    • Researcher: Emily

      No problem, and thanks for the report! I called our store and everything should be up and running again. Try your order and let me know if anything errors out for you.

      Sorry for the inconvenience! There was a mix-up that I didn’t catch because I’m out sick with the fluuuu. :(

  9. Researcher: adam bukhari

    just tried to order one and it wouldn’t work :(

  10. Researcher: phil

    where else can i buy one of these? keep getting problems when i try to buy one here, hope i haven’t been charged or anything.

    • Researcher: Emily

      Hmm…that’s no good. I’m going to call our shopping cart guys and see if they can fix what’s going wrong. I’ll let you guys know when it’s back up!