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Hoodie Heads-Up

Howdy, everyone! I wanted to give you a heads-up that this is the final week to pick up a Lab hoodie. Because we had some technical issues when the store first re-opened, we’ll continue to take orders until Friday. If any of you have been meaning to grab one, be sure to do it before then!

We’ll send our final tally to the printer next Monday morning. When the shirts are finished, I’ll start packing them up and mailing them out, so you can expect to have yours a few weeks after that.

Thanks again for rocking the Lab colors with us!

  1. Researcher: Bryan Friedman

    I MUST D: Hoodie!

  2. Researcher: spencer

    2nd! Yay for Undead Labs awsomeness!

  3. Researcher: Jordan Cain

    you see someone else with one, give em a high five ;D

  4. Researcher: Rohan Morris

    I ordered one of these like 2 weeks ago and it hasn’t been delivered… when i ordered it the screen just kept loading for the rest of the day, i didn’t want to interfere with it, but then my bank account showed a transaction for the hoodie but it’s not arrived..?

    • Researcher: Emily

      Heya Rohan! For storage reasons, we don’t keep these guys in stock here at the Lab — we custom make them in batches.

      What happens is when we close the store, I take all of the orders that you guys placed, tally them with the ones we need around here, and send the final numbers to the printer. When they’re finished, I’ll pack them up and mail them out. It usually takes a few weeks for production and mailing.

      To let folks know to keep an eye out for their package, I send an email to each person as soon as I drop their hoodie in the mailbox.

      To make sure everything’s good to go, could you email me the name you placed the order with at I’ll check and make sure everything went through properly.


    • Researcher: qwerty

      good luck undead labs, all us zombie fanboys are counting on you

  5. Researcher: James Pearson

    my hoodie has just arrived and i’ts not what i expected… and not in a good way. it has a completely different color than expected and i ordered it to match a new cool pair of trainers that i bought specially for the disco at my school. it also has a torn inner cuff and although the quality of the wool is good, the quality of the wool is not great… which is what i would have expected coming from a professional company such as the undead labs.

    i find this absolutely cheeky and disrespectful, you think this is normal? you think this is normal?

    please respond as soon as you get this… this is a lot of baloney and i’m tired… IT’S A LOT OF BALONEY AND I’M TIRED OF BIG COMPANIES DOING THINGS LIKE THIS TO US.

    thanks for nothing… i’ve been hurt in the past and i’m vulnerable…

  6. Researcher: Sgt. Jonah Hex

    Really appreciate you putting out all this gear, I’m still loving the T-shirt. Unfortunetly I don’t do pull overs, but keep up the great work and congradulations on all the progress.

    • Researcher: Emily

      Thanks, Jonah! I tried to find a good zip-up option for sweatshirts, but the ones that American Apparel offer are surprisingly short — a good two to three inches smaller than the pullovers.

      I’ll keep looking for the future, though. :)

    • Researcher: Sgt Jonah Hex

      I understand. It can be difficult to make a graphic look right on a zip up. Personally I tend to like small logo upper left breast, larger logo in the back. But hey, I’m grateful for what ever y’all take the time and effort to produce. Thanks again!

  7. Researcher: Chris

    Pull over hoodie…. *Grumble* Ordered.

    • Researcher: Emily

      Haha! I prefer zips, too, but these pullovers are actually pretty sweet — they’re super fuzzy inside and really warm.

      I’m wrapped up in mine now because it’s freaking COLD in Seattle today :(

    • Researcher: unTaelok

      What is the current update on the hoodie order? Has the print job been sent yet? Did my hoodies get lost in the mail? :(

    • Researcher: Emily

      They came in last night and I’ll be mailing them out today! :)

    • Researcher: Urrukubarr

      I got my hoodie the other day and let me say, I love it. Thanks Emily you made a good choice in style an design!!

    • Researcher: Urrukubarr

      Ps maybe you guys could make a hat too. It would go nicely with my zombieland hat!

    • Researcher: Emily

      Jeff was the one responsible for our very first batch, so he gets the credit for picking these guys out. I’m really glad you like yours. They’re super soft, aren’t they? :)

      What kind of hats do you like? Are you talking baseball cap style or warmer stocking caps? These are definitely possibilities for later store items.

  8. Researcher: Erick

    I missed my hoody and shirt! zombies ate my money!