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Fan Art Friday

It’s been a while since we’ve shown off new fan art, so we’ll be wrapping up this week with a bunch of awesome pieces you’ve sent us since our last update. In this latest batch, we’ve got sketches, paintings, and even an awesome zombie puppet to show off!

Read on to check them out and to learn how you can send in creations of your own.

Fan art by Luke the Duke

Fan art by Awesomedude360

Fan art by Bryan Crisostomo

Fan art by Fidel Salazar “Fideon”

Fan art by Dale Raymond Lerette

Fan art by Luke the Duke

Zombie puppet by Suburban Freak

Thanks to Luke, Awesomedude, Bryan, Fideon, Dale, and Suburban Freak for sending these our way. Keep them coming, guys — we really love getting fan art! :)

If you’re a creative type that loves to make zombie-related pieces, we’d love to see what you come up with! Go ahead and post a link to your art here, or send it to If you’d like your work to appear in a future website post and our Facebook fan art gallery, make sure you provide me with an email address where I can reach you.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Researcher: Brad Lee

    Dear Emily,

    Do you choose specific pictures to portray on your website, or do you guys pick at random??? Thanks!

    • Researcher: Emily

      We post all of the art that’s submitted, although I do make sure it’s OK with the artist before I add their pieces to the site. :)

  2. Researcher: Proffesor Wallace

    nice work guys! Now I wonder when the infection article is

  3. Researcher: DNDante

    I like the Zombie puppet :)

    • Researcher: Suburban Freak

      I keep trying to get the time to post a funny video, but got way too much on the plate. hopefully before the end of the year.

  4. Researcher: luketheduke47

    YES! A round of Vodka for my dearest of Comrades at UL! U-AH!

  5. Researcher: Shawn of the Dead

    Suburban’s puppet! HAHAHAAH so awesome!

  6. Researcher: Brian

    I’m sending mine in this week I promise! I’m having a little trouble with the zombies at the moment, so there may be a little bit of a undead deficiency, but hey, drawing people is hard, let alone rotting corpses :)

  7. Researcher: Jasper

    Always awesome, fan art friday. In wait of this game, I bought The Walking Dead Book One, Which is FREAKIN´ AWESOME! Great too see the resemblance to the series.

    • Researcher: Brant

      That series was the first thing on our bookshelf in the office. we love the books.

  8. Researcher: Nick G

    Unddead Labs staff, i have been so facinated by undead labs, and when the word went out of a zombie console mmo, i was so hyped, and many others where to. I know you guys just finished your milestone for pre production into production. The thing is, is that it feels like the hype is dieing down, that all where able to see is some fan art. Yes i love the fan art, its very nice, but us as fans want to know about the game, we want that hype to happen again. Have you guys considered a teaser trailer? any sort of trailer that can hype up the XBL community and your fan base? If your going to release a teaser trailer, i would say do it now when, the hype is at its lowest, when people least suspect it. Hope to get a response back.
    P.S. undead labs is awsome :P

    • Researcher: Emily

      I know where you’re coming from, Nick — it’s hard to be super excited about something and not be able to learn as much as you’d like about it. Don’t worry, though. We may be relatively quiet now, but it’s all part of a larger plan. When we’re ready to start showing off the game, you guys will definitely have all of the info you could want. :)

    • Researcher: Chris the survivor

      I thought the same thing but i kept my mouth shut cause if U remember the first game vid of that park the last 3 articles (no offense) were lame but we missed 3 meals in return we got a walmart of info from that vid. Just look at every detail u can learn a lot luv ya

  9. Researcher: Brad Lee

    Dear Emily,

    Just had a crazy idea for in game features. This may be very popular, interesting, and a swell concept if it surfaces in the game. IN GAME IPODS, WALKMANS, MP3 PLAYERS, PHONES RADIOS(BOOMBOXES, STEREOS, AND WHAT NOT. :) ) Well, Bradley, we can listen to music already on XBL without thos stupid things… what if you could listen to the radio, link your itunes account to the in-game ipod, and more within the game? We already have skype and stuff too..This is just a fresh idea I had so dont hate. :)
    P.S. May we have an idea when the next release of info. (or maybe just an estimate ) will be released? Thanks! :)

    • Researcher: Emily

      Haha…no hate here — we like hearing everyone’s ideas! We’re not ready to talk specifics, but how we handle music in the game is something we’re definitely putting a lot of thought into.

      As far as the next article goes, it’s in process. It’s a meaty subject, so the best estimate I can give is “soon”. :)

    • Researcher: jon do

      cds, mp3s and even records would work… but i don’t think they’re going to be transmitting gold fm in the zombie apocalypse… radio transmission would be cool for locating/being aware of other players in your instance.

      the way i picture it is this- when you start a game you are lumped into a server with a bunch of other people, then you play in that server with those same people until you die and are then moved to another server. would make death really shitty and hardcore. so radio would make sense, then when you form radio contact with a group/lone survivor asking for help or offering refuge, do you trust them???

  10. Researcher: jon do

    7 articles ago there was an article called ‘we interrupt this program’ where you said-

    “early next month, we have a big design update headed your way.”

    “In this upcoming article, Phinney will be talking about damage, infection, healing, and death — you know…the fun stuff about a zombie apocalypse”

    still waiting!

    • Researcher: jon do

      ps. tried to buy one of those hoodies but it doesn’t seem to be registering my order…

    • Researcher: Emily

      Phinney is working on the article. Remember that we’re a small team, and he’s our lead designer. He’s pretty amazing, but can still only do one thing at a time. I’m sure you guys will agree that working on the game itself should trump an article when necessary. ;)

      Can you let me know what the store tells you? I’ve been getting reports of these issues and have brought them up with our store folks, but they should have been resolved several weeks ago. Thanks for letting us know about the problems!

    • Researcher: jon do

      yeah that’s cool emzy…

      and i’ve forgotten what the message said. sorry but people forget things sometimes.

      phinney is team leader? i thought that jeff strain guy was in charge?