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Some Days Are Just Pure Win

Dear Team Zed,

Today was a momentous day at the Lab.

As you know, pre-production is the project phase where we lay down the design, create the core technology, develop the art style, build the art production pipeline, and prototype essential gameplay systems. At the end of pre-production, we should have a no-bullshit, fully playable game. Of course, it won’t have the polish or scale gamers expect and demand, but it should be a real game. And it should be fun.

Today was our final pre-production milestone, and you guys delivered. Hard.

I’m blown away by how far we’ve come in such a short amount of time. Our task now as we move headlong into the production phase is to take this fun little gem and turn it into something we’re proud to show the world. Over the next few months we’ll be bringing on some great art production partners, voice actors, motion actors, musicians, and world-class writers to help us get it done. We’ll of course also continue to have the support of our dedicated partners at Microsoft Studios.

We’ll have some great help, but the heart and soul of this game is each of you who have been here over the past year pouring your talent and passion into this game to bring it this far. I’m truly honored to work with you.

Let’s get this done. Onward to production!


  1. Researcher: Luketheduke47

    Great work! And good luck!

  2. Researcher: BridgeX

    Beyond excited. Good luck in production, and may the articles continue at their regular pace!

  3. Researcher: Chris

    Super excited you guys got CryEngine 3, heard its level builder is a lot easier than Unreal’s Engine. Anyways, ill be expecting my check in the mail for all this zed work then?

  4. Researcher: Gabrielo

    Fantastical news, hoping for some sweet screens and more videos from the in-game engine in the future

    • Researcher: seth

      yes plz more gameplay!!!! and in the vid are those actual zombies standing in the background?

  5. Researcher: Jade

    Have you thought about adding a ghillie suit? Or do zombies rely more on smell than sight?

    • Researcher: Jade

      And if they do what about a scent masking spray that hunters use.

    • Researcher: Jim P.

      Zombies probably dont rely on sight or scent, probably more on sound seeing as sound draws more of them in. When they moan, it could be like a call to every other zombie out there. Just speakin’ my thoughts here.

    • Researcher: Jade

      If not for zombies then it could be used against raiders. And if a ghillie suit made it into the game i think a cool feature would be the ability to add natural foliage to it.

    • Researcher: Jim P.

      Now that part I agree with.

    • Researcher: Jakesawesome

      In the zombie survival guide Max Brooks says that zombies rely on all their senses equally. however although the zombies seem to have better hearing, sight, smell….ect it is just that humans rely on sight more than anything else. Try closing your eyes in a busy area. you will begin to hear things you could not hear before. So it would be a lot harder to hide from a zombie. therefore i suppose a scent masking, silenced, adapting ghillie suit could work ;)

    • Researcher: Jakesawesome

      yes, im a zombie nerd.

    • Researcher: Jim P.

      Not saying it’s not wrong (even though it probably does more justice than I said), no one really knows what a zombie would truly be like, so yeah, all of us could be wrong or right, who knows? It’s just opinions really.

  6. Researcher: Peter

    I’m glad this is all coming through.

  7. Researcher: regal johnston

    i don’t understand why this game isn’t being talked about on gaming news websites… there were a few articles a while back but now nothing, maybe you guys should do an interview.

  8. Researcher: Sean13

    Congratulations on the milestone guys.

  9. Researcher: Evmeister

    Great work guys! Looking forward to what you guys cook up!

  10. Researcher: MetalMum

    congrats guys! uber, major win!