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A few months ago, the entire Lab went on a post-milestone adventure to a local shooting range to get some hands-on firearm experience. You probably won’t be surprised to hear that some of us really wanted to go back to keep improving our skills and that Brant, the author of our gun-focused Weapon of Choice article, has continued to make the shooting range his new home away from home.

A gun-enthusiast long before he came to Undead Labs, Brant’s been doing “research for Class3” by hitting the range after work once or twice a week. He always comes back the next day with notes about an increasing variety of firearms (one takeaway: he loves Czech weapons) and with stories about the wide range of interesting classes he’s been taking.

One of the most recent was a defensive pistol course — which his training instructor filmed and then leaked to us. Brant thought the video was kind of cheesy and didn’t even want to show it to everyone at the Lab, so (naturally) I decided to share it with you guys while he’s out for lunch. ;)

By the way — the voice that you hear in the background is Brant’s instructor, Erik Schmidt (who you may have seen in our range trip videos). As a firearms and defensive tactics specialist with a law enforcement background and a hearty love of zombies, Erik has been a great resource for us and we’ll be interviewing him for a future article.

Now let’s see how long it takes for Brant to notice this post… ;)


  1. Researcher: Monzta

    Lol I don’t think the video was cheesy at all, good to see all the hard work being done to this game, I can’t wait for it to be released… or at least named :P

  2. Researcher: Evan Kinnett

    Emily, where is the gun range that you guys went to? Totally makes want to go to a gun range!

    • Researcher: Emily

      We go to Wade’s in Bellevue. Are you local?

    • Researcher: Evan Kinnett

      Yes, I live in Puyallup!

    • Researcher: Chris

      Wait, you go to wades in Bellevue?? I thought it looked waaaayy to familiar, I go there all the time.

    • Researcher: Emily

      Nice, Evan! I almost made it out to the fair last weekend, but ended up missing it. I grew up on a farm, so I love checking out the 4-H stuff and reminiscing :)

      And yep — that’s Wade’s. It’s a really cool range. I keep meaning to tag along with Brant, but have a billion other things going on. Soon, I hope! Maybe you’ll run into us (or, more likely, Brant) sometime!

  3. Researcher: ZedHead

    Just got an idea for a Easter Egg of sorts: at :19 when Erik screams after saying “zombies comin”, you should take that scream and put it in the game. It actually sounds good for a sound effect, and I can’t think of a better way to thank Erik for his help than to put his scream in the game.

  4. Researcher: Blake (NegativeHUNTER)

    Emily your the best lol <3

  5. Researcher: Apocalyptic Survivalist

    Is there going to be a lot of gunplay in Class3?

    • Researcher: Dylan

      There will most likely be quite a few firearms depending on the setting. If there are police stations and gun stores around, then there would be more circulation of firearms after a certain period of time. Trading, finding off of fallen survivors, raiding, etc. I’m hopeful that there will be a large selection of melee weapons as well :D

  6. Researcher: Brant


    • Researcher: geist

      whats your Cz of choice?

    • Researcher: Kilvara

      Hey Brant your pro at that , very well done.I have no firearms training at all , make me think i should.

    • Researcher: Blake (NegativeHUNTER)

      Lol its ok Brant, everyone thinks your a bad-ass. I kinda wanna show off my time at a range now

    • Researcher: Nicholas

      haha dont trip brant, i thought that was very impressive, and a little dissapointed in the lack of cheesiness( i did feel like laughing) but getting more hyped for this game is a much better feeling anyway haha, keep up the good work!

    • Researcher: Brant

      Far from pro, as Erik Schmidt, who’s post is below this one, will tell you. I have a long way to go.

    • Researcher: Emily

      Brant is way too humble…he totally is a bad-ass. I wouldn’t follow some noob through zed-infested territory, that’s for sure :)

    • Researcher: Brant

      CZ 75B/SP-01/75B compact – 9mm
      97 B – .45 cal

    • Researcher: geist

      very nice

  7. Researcher: Erik Schmidt

    Ohhhh!!! You guys are Eeeee-vil!

  8. Researcher: denniel

    hi,a quick question… will it be mainly based around guns, or will there be other things like baseball bats, axex, table/chair legs,knives,screwdrivers and other things for a more close range approach.

    • Researcher: will

      Try out the FNH 5.7
      I own one, and I just love it.

    • Researcher: Brant

      I will do so,
      I’ve heard from several people that I should try it, especially now that I can get my hands on an AR57 conversion too, so the ammo I buy won’t be just for the pistol!

    • Researcher: Brant

      sorry, to answer the original question…
      There will be a lot of melee weapon choices.

  9. Researcher: Brant

    I also would not normally go to a shoot in shorts……

  10. Researcher: supermoose76

    This makes two brants in the game making world