Candid Camera

A few months ago, the entire Lab went on a post-milestone adventure to a local shooting range to get some hands-on firearm experience. You probably won’t be surprised to hear that some of us really wanted to go back to keep improving our skills and that Brant, the author of our gun-focused Weapon of Choice article, has continued to make the shooting range his new home away from home.

A gun-enthusiast long before he came to Undead Labs, Brant’s been doing “research for Class3” by hitting the range after work once or twice a week. He always comes back the next day with notes about an increasing variety of firearms (one takeaway: he loves Czech weapons) and with stories about the wide range of interesting classes he’s been taking.

One of the most recent was a defensive pistol course — which his training instructor filmed and then leaked to us. Brant thought the video was kind of cheesy and didn’t even want to show it to everyone at the Lab, so (naturally) I decided to share it with you guys while he’s out for lunch. 😉

By the way — the voice that you hear in the background is Brant’s instructor, Erik Schmidt (who you may have seen in our range trip videos). As a firearms and defensive tactics specialist with a law enforcement background and a hearty love of zombies, Erik has been a great resource for us and we’ll be interviewing him for a future article.

Now let’s see how long it takes for Brant to notice this post… 😉