PAX Plans

Headed to PAX this weekend and have the itch to chat with fellow zed heads? We’re not going to have a booth this year, but if you’re interested in meeting the UL team, you’re in luck! We’ll be at the show, wandering the floor and checking out the sights, so if you see someone in one of our brown Undead Labs shirts, stop them and say hey. If you’d like to meet up Friday afternoon to shoot the breeze with members of the dev team, drop us a line at

Earlier on Friday, I will be joining a handful of other female developers to discuss careers in the industry, what it’s like to be a woman that works on games, and more. Look for “The Harridan’s Guide to the Game Industry” at the Serpent Theatre from noon to 1:00 PM.

Hope to see you at the show!


  1. Researcher: Dantron

    Dantron sends Emily a friendly reminder to keep an eye (or two) out for the Warthog that is rumoured to be on display at PAX this year.

  2. Researcher: Awesomedude360

    Make sure to tell me first thing if they announce Just Cause 3. If they do you’ll hear me screaming all the way from Virginia. Have fun guys :)

  3. Researcher: Evan Kinnett

    Speaking of shirts, may I take a moment to say how much I’m diggin the t-shirt!!! Can’t wait till you guys do the hoodies, should do an design on the back!

  4. Researcher: Lucien

    haha, wish i could see u guys there :P sucks that school is starting, else i’d try and go!

  5. Researcher: Jordan Cain

    hey I know this doesn’t have anything to do with PAX but how is the sounds gonna be in your game? cause games like brink and Medal of Honor had amazing audio. Just curious is all

  6. Researcher: Nicholas

    I can only be there in spirit, unless a miracle happens, but mostly spirit. Keep up the incredible work!

  7. Researcher: gabriel

    i just wanna be clear. there are EXACTLY NO PLANS for this game to be on ps3? i just wanna no cuz i might later next week and if its not coming to ps3 i am going to get an xbox.

  8. Researcher: Jason

    Hey guys, Lily just wanted to say hi again, and say thanks for playing with her at PAX. She had a blast. She hopes to get to see you guys again (maybe a booth at the next PAX??). She also says that next time I can hang with the boys and she can have some “girl time” with the girls.

    Thanks Jess, Lisa, Brandt, Doug, Emily and everyone else for sharing some time with us today.

  9. Researcher: Brandon

    let me rewrite that there was a couple of mistakes lol what i meant to say is that it would be neat to have natural disasters in the game that would change the world for a period of time and maybe you would have to stay inside for a week or so or you would die because of the flooding or you would have to totally leave your base to get to high ground i think that this would make people stay on there toes and move alot more and not stay in one place the whole game.

    • Researcher: texas ben

      or wildfires or hurricanes that would be so scary cuz you might have to run to cover in a house and there are zombies in there

    • Researcher: Emily

      This is something that we’ve discussed, but won’t be adding for Class3. You may see natural disasters in Class4, though.

    • Researcher: Brandon

      Thats great I’ve been wanting something like that for this game

    • Researcher: CUFreeze

      Emily- Will there be any construction element in the game? For instance, can I build a new structure or add to an existing one?

    • Researcher: Awesomedude360

      That would be awesome! I can imagine thousands of real time players running away from something like a tidal wave, some of them not so lucky and seeing there body’s getting swept up in it.

  10. Researcher: Jeremy Gosdin

    Just a random thought but i think i’m probably gonna like class3 better. I mean i’ve dreamed my entire life about a Zombie apocalypse MMO but i don’t know about it anymore. Like people walking around everywhere and chatting then a zombie pops up, one guy shoots him, everyone laughs, and everyone’s just having a good ole time and everything… i mean is there anyway you guys could drop some hints on what to expect.? So far as the feel of the game and all, because in a real zombie apocalypse there are gonna be other people, but your not going to be running into people left and right.. Y’know what i mean. Just a thought that’s been bugging me. But if there is anyone i would entrust this to, it would most definitely be you guys. I do believe Undead Labs will set the standard for all zombie games in the future.