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Cry, Baby!

Last week, our art director Doug talked about his vision for the look of the Class3 world. Doug certainly has a strong vision and his concept art looks fantastic, but everyone knows that since this is an Xbox LIVE Arcade game, there is no way the game can really look like that.

I mean, come on, right?

Today we’re happy to announce that Class3 will be powered by the awesome CryENGINE 3. The state-of-the-art engine has a well-deserved reputation for providing the graphics horsepower to create gorgeous games, and we’re squeezing it for all it’s worth to bring Doug’s “Faded Americana” vision for Class3 to life. With the cutting-edge technology of CryENGINE 3, combined with the experience and talent of our own Team Zed artists, we think we’re getting awfully damn close to achieving Doug’s vision, even at this early stage of development.

What’s that? Did I hear someone say “Pics or it didn’t happen”?

Or was it, “Video or it didn’t happen…”? ;)


  1. Researcher: Alan C

    Very nice! I’ve seen full retail games that don’t look this good.

    • Researcher: Dustin

      Agreed. Though so far only mentioned for XBL :( Hoping for PSN in the future…

    • Researcher: Jason

      I would assume it’s exclusive to XBox since it’s being published by Microsoft.

    • Researcher: Emily

      Yep, we’ll be on Xbox LIVE. You can read Jeff’s explanation of the choice here: http://ow.ly/67Rme

    • Researcher: Jasper

      Coulda looked better on PS3 with Cry3. Bit weaird you didn’t pick that. But hell, I’ve got a friend who is a zed head as I am, so I’ll probably play at at his home =)

    • Researcher: qwerty

      so excited for this, thanks for the video it looks fantastic

    • Researcher: qwerty

      in some 3rd person shooters like metal gear or gow 3 it gives you the option to use your sights, which would be good for people bummed that its not first person

    • Researcher: Adrian

      I agree. I’m one of those people who are pretty disappointed that this game isn’t going to be in first person. ( Not saying that I’m not excited for this game, I’ve been following you guys from day 1.) But if I wanted to fully enjoy that flight or fight experience than I would need to have that “feel” of myself being fully integrated within my character. 3rd Person just doesn’t really cut it for me because I would always have that extra peripheral sight and the ability to see what’s behind me which makes me feel too insured for my safety. I want to feel as helpless as a human realistically feels and is. (Btw this is based on my personal preference)

    • Researcher: Adrian

      Also, iron sights would be awesome.

    • Researcher: Seth C

      I agree, I would most definately prefer having this game in first person. You just can’t immerse yourself in the world as much if you’re only experiencing it from behing the character.

    • Researcher: zach

      they should use the method seen in fallout and elder scrolls with the abillity to switch to first and third person view with just a click of a button

  2. Researcher: Dustin

    Looks amazing. Seriously, I need something, anything. A teaser trailer, some gameplay would be ideal, but a trailer will suffice. Alpha???

    • Researcher: AJ

      Cmon, even just one zombie kill ???

    • Researcher: SirDiamondNips

      They just announced the engine seeing as that video showed no movement that obviously no gameplay is available these things take time! you have to have gameplay to show gameplay!

    • Researcher: Trent

      Hell, i’d settle for a character creator video.

  3. Researcher: Michael Holmes

    Guys, go straight to the bar and buy yourselves some drinks! You’ve so far earned each and every gulp!!!! Have one for me ;) Keep it up people!

  4. Researcher: Dustin

    Holy crap, a video! Work computer has some weird blocks for web browsing, so it practically blended into the page bg. Looks awesome :D

  5. Researcher: Carlos R.

    I’m really glad to see that the game is going to run on CryEngine 3. And just watching that video made me cringe in excitement. I’m putting all of my faith into the undeadlabs team. The art is looking amazing as always and you guys blew me away with that video. Can’t wait to play the game (hopefully an alpha of beta?) ;D

  6. Researcher: Breakd0wn

    Looks great! I want to live there, even with their little zombie problem.


  7. Researcher: Jason

    I was wondering what goes into choosing game engine technology and why you guys chose CryEngine vs say Unreal or idTech

    • Researcher: Jeff

      Hey Jason. Good question. There are few parameters, some obvious, and a few not-so-obvious.

      We definitely wanted a state-of-the-art engine with a proven track record of beautiful games. Of course, being able to run well on Xbox 360 platform is a must. We also specifically wanted an engine that could handle the beautiful natural lighting that Doug envisioned for the world.

      Not as obvious as the engine is the tool chain behind it. The ability to iterate quickly is key to making great games — particularly a complex open-world game like Class3. That means being able to see design and art changes instantly on your development system, and then being able to publish those changes very quickly and easily into the main build.

      Finally, we had to look at the support track record of the engine developers. A modern triple-A game engine is a huge pile of sophisticated technology, with literally hundreds, or even thousands, of man-years of development behind it. Without great documentation and direct support from the development team, anyone would have a tough time actually using it for something cool.

      We spent many months carefully evaluating everything out there, and for our needs Crytek had the best tech around. You can judge the results for yourself. ;)

  8. Researcher: Jack

    First thought when I saw this?, “That tall red and white building looks securable.”

    • Researcher: Emily

      Nice! If you look carefully, you can see that someone had the same idea and have holed up in a local restaurant — watchtower and all :)

    • Researcher: Jack

      I see, well I hope they’re friendly, ’cause if not we might be a problem XD

  9. Researcher: Evan Kinnett

    This makes me want more! Haha great stuff loved the video!

    • Researcher: luketheduke47

      (Drops Vodka Bottle, Cuban Cigar rolls out of his mouth. Pulls of Soviet Commissar cap, and flings it in the air out of excitement)

  10. Researcher: Cletus

    Looks awesome. I don’t even know what else to say. Just awesome.