Undead Labs and Microsoft Game Studios to Create Zombie-Survival Franchise on Xbox 360

Online Game Developer’s Inaugural Open World Title to Be Published by Microsoft Game Studios

SEATTLE – 3 February 2011 – Undead Labs, the premier developer of online world games for console gamers, announced today development of an original zombie-survival franchise in collaboration with Microsoft Corp. Developed by Undead Labs and published by Microsoft Game Studios, the inaugural title will be an open world zombie-survival game scheduled to launch on Xbox LIVE Arcade for the Xbox 360® video game system from Microsoft.

“Undead Labs is thrilled to work directly with Microsoft to bring Xbox 360 players an outstanding zombie-survival franchise,” said Jeff Strain, founder of Undead Labs. “Our mission is to create original online games that truly feel at home on the console platform, and Xbox 360 is a fantastic platform for online console gaming. We plan to create an ambitious open world XBLA game and use its gameplay, setting, and technology as the foundation for a full online world game.”

Code-named ‘Class3’, the Xbox LIVE Arcade game is designed to let zombie fans answer the ultimate question: What would you do in the face of the zombie apocalypse?

The end is here. Human civilization has been annihilated. The few, scattered survivors must band together, rebuilding civilization in a third-person action game packed with sweet guns, fast cars, hand-to-hand combat, and copious amounts of zombie gore. Players choose where to make their stand, designing and fortifying their settlements, performing daring raids for valuable stores of food and ammunition, and rescuing other playable survivors. The open world develops in real-time, shaped by player actions, with content determined by their choices and the ever-increasing zombie threat.

“We are proud to collaborate with Undead Labs on the creation of a new game for Xbox 360,” said Matt Booty, General Manager of Microsoft Game Studios. “The Undead Labs team has a successful track record making innovative online games, and we are excited to support them as they bring their experience and talent to Xbox LIVE.”

The game is currently under development by Undead Labs’ veteran, zombie-loving studio team and additional details will be released throughout the development cycle. For more information, visit undeadlabs.com.

About Undead Labs

Undead Labs is a game development studio dedicated to creating a new class of online world games for console gamers. Founded in 2009 by MMO industry veteran Jeff Strain, Undead Labs is a creative studio built around the most talented—and zombie loving—developers in the industry. Based in Seattle, Washington, the studio’s singular focus is creating the definitive zombie-survival franchise for console gamers. The company’s inaugural game, currently in development, is an open world zombie-survival game for Xbox LIVE Arcade, published by Microsoft Game Studios. For more information, visit undeadlabs.com.

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  1. Researcher: Kevin Ryman

    Well isn’t that interesting. Glad I own a 360, heh. Can’t wait to play the arcade title ,looking forward to hearing more!

  2. Researcher: -K-


    When can we expect some screens ?

  3. Researcher: Robbie S

    YES! I can never get enough zombies!

    I’ve always wanted a Zombie Open World game. Looking forward to it guys!

  4. Researcher: Budwyzer

    I dont hate the 360, in fact its coop abilities far exceed that of the PS3 with features like group chat. But I have to wonder, is the game going to launch on like 3 discs? Because MMOs take like 15Gigs at start and a DVD, well a duallayer will hold 9gigs no prob.
    Also, playing DCUO right now and the lack of RAM on these consoles is killing the game. Character models and things are not loading near as fast as they should. I hope Microsoft starts an upgrade package for the 360 before this game launches.

    • Researcher: Bunie

      MMO’s don’t have to be that large, then can be tiny too. i expect the game to be around 1GB tops.

  5. Researcher: Dominic

    you guys made my day with this news

  6. Researcher: BridgeX

    While I am psyched to know it’s coming to the 360, and have now been given an even bigger concern with the fact that it’s an XBLA. Though I completely trust your judgement, the size restrictions, along with the scope of the game worry me.

  7. Researcher: Verterdegete

    Cool. Something to get us warmed up for the big release.

  8. Researcher: Matthew Moore

    Doing an XBLA title first is an interesting play. I look forward to sampling the vision before digging into the main course.

  9. Researcher: Sye

    I have been following this game every since I’ve heard this company existed. Granted, I’ve only heard about it a few months ago, but still.
    I’m glad that development and planning are going well, though I admit that I’m a bit disappointed because I’m not an Xbox owner.
    I’m not criticizing Undead Labs or Microsoft, just saying that it’s a bit of a shame that I won’t be able to play this. I was looking forward to it, as I am quite into zombies.
    I wish best of luck to the company and to all future players.

    • Researcher: Daniel

      I feel the same, i wish the company best of luck, but i put my money on the PS3 bandwagon not being able to afford both consoles of this gen. Wouldn’t say i choose the wrong wagon since there’s some very high quality games on both systems.

      Is a little sad though that i wont get to play Class3 and Class4. Wish you all the best and congratulations on your new partnership!

    • Researcher: Jeff

      Sye and Daniel,

      Thanks to both of you for your graciousness. I hope we are able to make something awesome for your platform -of-choice in the future.


  10. Researcher: Reinpret

    I’m actually really worried now. The XBLA part. I read that and now I feel as if i’ve been kicked in the groin (again). I won’t go crazy until I read more, but i’ve been following this game ever since this site launched pretty much.

    Perhaps it can be made clear as to whether or not this is an mmo? — i mean yes, 3rd person, open word zombie game. But something tells me a few details were changed when Microsoft Game Studios came on board.

    What I’m saying is I think this has secretly and quietly become a zoned or realm’d type game now. It was talked about as being a persistent world with all other players roaming (per server) of coures.

    But it sounds as if now its turned into a game like guildwars, where when you leave town you are by yourself, or anyone you’ve invited to your party or group.

    Please please please correct me if i’m wrong. But we’ve been pretty excited about this game over at Rhombusbox(dot)com

    • Researcher: Emily

      @Reinpret: Don’t worry! Our plans for a persistent world haven’t changed :) As Jeff mentions in his Rude Q&A, “If you think of an MMO as a game that allows thousands of gamers to play together in a persistent online world that evolves and reacts over time to player actions, then we’re still making that game.”