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World War Foge

Today I have the pleasure of introducing the second pillar of our world-class design team: Richard Foge.

But nobody calls him “Richard” except perhaps his mother. To his friends and colleagues at the lab he is simply “Foge.” Rhymes with “hoagie.”

Foge compliments our MMO heritage by bringing some awesome console game design sensibilities to the team, having previously been a senior designer for the SOCOM franchise and the combat designer for God of War. He also earned his MMO-cred from his tenure as a systems designer on Guild Wars.

But his true passion as a game designer is in making a game feel great.

So when you are holding the controller in your hand, fighting your sweaty way through hordes of undead, dodging, ducking, sweating, and evading, you can thank Foge for the fact that you aren’t even thinking about controlling your character; that the controller has disappeared, and your character has become a pure extension of your will.

Seriously. That’s how the guy thinks about this stuff.

Welcome aboard, Foge! Now go build us a console-action game worthy of Mordor…


PS: Don’t forget to read Foge’s message to his fellow survivors here.

  1. Researcher: Crispinator

    one can not simply fight there sweaty way through hordes of undead into mordor!!!

  2. Researcher: Mottototot

    One can not just overuse an old meme

  3. Researcher: Seth

    pure extension of your will…
    well thats gonna be epic.
    The only mmo i’ve played is runescape, My entire class would play it during ICT lesson, we had a cool teacher, we’d all play together and run full speed while typing “RUN!!!”. Ohh, those were the days. Dang, how did I end up being a Civil Servant for the Local Government. I’d offer to work with you guys if I wasn’t in dialogue with M$. You never know, we may meet up when you’re talking to the Xbox Live Team.
    Live Long and May the 4th be with You.

  4. LOL seth… you and M$… im just happy with the all star package of employees i keep on hearing about

  5. Researcher: Mephster

    I never have met the guy but I love him already. Make it great Foge!

  6. Researcher: roberto

    i have an idea for the name of the game “almost” with blood coming down the letters

  7. Researcher: Gabrielo

    “Your character has become a pure extension of your will.”

    this is the right way to think.

  8. Researcher: Daryn Lea

    I have an idea for using a mic on the game. It should be based on how loud you actually talk through your mic that can affect surrounding zombies, so if you an obnoxious brat who likes yelling a lot on the game the zombies around the guy will be attracted to him and attack him.

  9. Researcher: Daryn Lea

    sorry i meant to say, ” if [someone] is a [loud person] then the zombies will be attracted to [that person].”

  10. Researcher: Daryn Lea

    so to sum it up, when someone speaks into their mic – depending on how loud they are – it affects the environment around them.