And Now A Word From Our Team

Today is a momentous day at Undead Labs. Over the past few months we’ve been quietly refining our design, working out the core systems, and — most importantly — building the most ass-kicking zombie-slaying game development team ever assembled. Over the next few weeks I’ll be introducing the entire team to you; including our inbound art director Doug Williams, who painted the tasty image attached to this post.

Today, we start with my long-time friend and colleague James Phinney.

Phinney and I met in 1996 on my first day at Blizzard Entertainment as a newb game programmer. He made a huge impression on me with his answer to my question about how long he’d been at Blizzard: “Since before we were Blizzard.” I didn’t know who the hell he was, but I knew he must have been a veteran, and he’d been part of the Warcraft II development team, so he must have been a complete badass to boot. Over the next few years I had the pleasure of working closely with him on Diablo, for which he was a producer, and then on StarCraft, for which he was both the lead producer and lead designer.

It’s no surprise that Phinney was at the top of my list when we started looking for a lead designer for Guild Wars. I was fortunate to again have the opportunity to work side-by-side with him throughout the development of Guild Wars in his role as lead designer, and later as the design director for ArenaNet.

So it can’t be much of a surprise that Phinney would again be at the top of my list of designers to lead the design of our open world zombie-apocalypse game. Not only is he a veteran game designer and a staunch advocate for innovation in the online game industry; he’s also a huge zombie fan and a passionate console gamer. A true trifecta of design awesomeness.

Welcome aboard (again), Phinney!


PS: Don’t forget to read Phinney’s message to his fellow survivors here.

  1. Researcher: Hohlraum

    good luck guys can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  2. Researcher: Chaz J

    I can’t imagine a more capable pair of hands to help drive this project, and I can’t wait to see what the future brings.

  3. Researcher: Auron Ra Nor

    I have followed guild wars since beta and am looking forward with great anticipation to GW2. If the accomplishments you guys made at ANet are any indication I know you will make an amazing game, being a die hard zombie fan myself you can bet I’ll be playing your game. Best of luck to you all and can’t wait to see your work.

  4. Researcher: Epic

    Keep it up man!

  5. Researcher: DAVEoftheDEAD

    This gives me lots of hope. This game is gonna kick a lot of ass!

  6. Researcher: Steven

    This so great too hear !
    welcome James,I know this game is going be great just pray you stick with it because I will!

  7. Researcher: Angel

    I can’t wait till y’all show a trailer or something

  8. Researcher: T-King-667

    well this is a long shot suggestion, but hell why not, everybody here seems to be very excited to see this game and there willing to stick by you guys all the way untel it comes out, so why not get everyone involved? this a zombie mmo right? that means endless possibilities and offcourse you guys cant think of every possible thing yourself, so why not the fans give 1 suggestion of there choice and if you approve they will get credited for it! so everybody gets a chance to help out! its a zombie mmo man, lets all work together on this, the workers and the fans are family so lets draw on the drawing board together shall we?

    my suggestion: the ability to be able to push objects. why do i want this? mainly to baracade doors and other passageways from incomeing hordes or just to make a safezone for my belongings. i mean in most games you would have to find planks to baracade doors, why do that when you can push a stove? or a dresser? or even push a car to baracade a allyway for whatever reason. think outside the box people ;)

  9. Researcher: jesse f. singh

    I so agree with (t-king-667) because as a basic zombie survival game at its core you should get some feed back from you`re fans at least some ideas.

    I mean I first herd of this game from a friend on xbox live when I was playing left4dead 2 and that`s a great zombie console game at it`s core g4 dubed it the most best zombie game ever created and don`t think any one could ever beat it.

    being a big zombie fan my self it`s awesome to be able to push or even place objects in front of doors when a sudden or random zombie horde come along out of no where.

    take some ideas from other zombie console games to make you`re zombie game better for players. like being able to give items to other players if they need it. something that will always protect you from a zombie horde even if it`s just for a moment so you can just get away and have a chance to run or find anything to help you.

    maybe even have a couple of boss zombies. I completely understand if you guys just want zombies in you`re game and no bigger or stronger or even stealthier zombies just regular zombies. WOW sorry this is a big BIG message but I really want to help out the best I can guy`s and I will keep commenting.

  10. Researcher: T-King-667

    hey jesse i like the fact that you agree with me and we can be entitled to our own opinions but remember that this is a zombie mmo so lets try to kepp it as far from l4d as possible because we all know that l4d is the complete opposite of what these guys are aiming for (i think? lol) well l4d is about getting from point a to point b while killing the same enimys over and over and useing guns (that you start with) and you can hold like 8 clips and you find convienent piles of ammo, and these ammo piles have ammo for every gun in the game, oh did i mention that the ammo piles never run out? and the pistols are unlimited… guys steer clear from everything i just said lol. but boss infected… it can work i was thinking of maybe fat zombies being slow but powerfull and other special zombies that move much quicker than average zombies? (almost as fast as you) which would scare the shiza out of me.
    but if a horde was chaseing me, i wouldent want it to be like l4d hordes (come at complete random once every 4 min’s or so)not only would that make no sence but you would get obliterated. i mean you only got 6 handgun rounds and a crowbar ;)
    hordes would be a good addition but make sure a horde is chaseing you for a purpose, ex: setting off car alarm when you were looting it. or fireing gun shots like a madman (for whatever reason)or other ways that atract multiple zombies attention.
    what do you guys think? and yes im also asking that to the guy that is moderating this post ;)