News Review 25

Kill Ten Zombies

Kill Ten Rats’ Ravious sent Jeff a list of questions about Undead Labs, zombies, MMOs, sunshine, and a hardball question about the imminent threat of velociraptors. Head over to the Kill Ten Rats blog and read the full interview.

You can watch an excellent movie like Land of the Lost and leave the theater thinking, “Man, that could really happen!” whereas with mediocre, unrealistic movies like 28 Days Later you leave thinking, “Bioengineered viruses that don’t work exactly as planned. What a complete joke.”

  1. Researcher: Fatbird3

    About the whole religion thing…

    Please make them fast. Please. Or maybe they could be slow but eventually evolve to become fast…

  2. Researcher: Suburban Freak

    “Certainly from a game design standpoint the threat of infection (or the opportunity to infect…)”….If this game has PvP game play, we can finally get Zombie Catlapults. Want to take over another characters safehouse, put cant get past their safty barrier. Easy, just launch a couple of undead through/over their defense and let them kill your enemy

  3. Researcher: Lennon V. C.

    I like the part about how to handle communication without the use of a keyboard. Since it is probably going to be mostly voice based. It should be very interesting to see how they handle it.

  4. Researcher: Fatbird3

    I’m not all that worried about the keyboard-less communication, because I don’t think there should be all that much communication outside of a small group of people. At least as I’m picturing this game, there are only a few, spread out survivors. There aren’t any safe havens or safe zones unless people make them, and you have to compete with other people for resources like food, water, and medications. I think it would be really cool if it was your group against the zombies but you also had an uneasy relationship with other groups. You could steal from them or even kill them. Which brings me to the whole death thing; I would be way more interested in the game if the death or infection of my character had grave consequences, like that character is no longer playable (actually dead). I just think that a high level of investment in the character’s survival would make the zombie setting that much deeper.

  5. Researcher: Leland Guillemin

    I find it interesting that you would pick Costco to post up. I always thought that would be the perfect place. Have you ever considered that food will rot and the problems that would cause are quite drastic?

    I suppose it isn’t anything short of dumping/burning the rotting food, just something to think about!

  6. Researcher: Brian M.

    I liked Leland’s idea that characters should stay dead. Though it would suck just to lose all your items/gear/materials that you’ve gathered… especially if you have a character with 20-40-60-ect hours played on that specific character. If they did that, I would imaginge having some sort of storage system either in your character’s home or otherwise to store extra supplies. Upon death losing only the items on hand… and creating a new ‘relative’ character that could still use the supplies in the storage.

  7. Researcher: Slayorr911

    I think that zombies speed should maybe be based on the length of times they have been decomposing as an undead corpse. Then we can have the best of both worlds in the game. A fresh zombie with a fresh nervous system and muscle system should be able to move faster than, let’s say, a 18 day old fetid corpse that is shambling around with bits falling off. Just my 2 cents, maybe it helps.

  8. Researcher: Suburban Freak

    it has been a while, but i think there is a game that can give us a diff direcion. For Christmas i got “Brutal Legend” and the game has been a blast. the best part is exploring the world and still running into interactive characters. This could be a strong system to base general interaction with.

  9. Researcher: Poofler

    This post may not be in the right spot, but this seems to be a pretty free flowing site. I’m pretty sure no one will get mad at me. I have been watching the development of the game for a couple months. I have made a reply post to MIKE at http://www.mmocrunch.com/2009/11/24/zombie-mmo-my-take/ under the name Poofler. But the original post is a couple months old and it was quite long so it may get no publicity. However, it has a detailed run down on things i would like to include in a game. I would not have posted this here again, but I only recently made a myspace (in order to better follow this games developement)and saw a post by UndeadLabs saying “we’ll post open topics to the website regularly, and you can contribute ideas and feedback there. I can guarantee you your ideas will be read and absorbed. ;).”
    And that brings us to here.
    Hope this is cool.


  10. Researcher: Brian M.

    Don’t want to be a total ‘dick’ online.

    But where’s the word?

    You’ve held us in suspense for awhile, give us something to nibble at.